Thursday, 4 September 2014

The A to Z of Pop - U is for Under Dressed and Underrated

U is for unfortunate face

The A to Z of Pop
by Jo Michelmore

Call me crazy, but if I have the intention of leaving my house in the morning, there's a few things I like to do before I walk out the door. Generally the usual, you know, brush my hair, put some shoes on, grab my house keys, the personal rituals we all have. There's something I do though, that some pop stars seem to be able to get away without doing. I find it intriguing, because if I popped down to my local supermarket in the same manner, I'm not sure my fave checkout boy would appreciate it. Guess that's what makes me a blogger and not a pop star though. The U in the A to Z of Pop? It stands for under dressed. 

"Ooh, it's a little chilly outside, I'll just pop a jacket on..." Um, Lady Gaga, perhaps some pants would have helped with the climate issue. 

Gaga-no-pants, you are under dressed. 

"Just picking up something I forgot at the supermarket..." Um, Britney, next time you forget something at the shop, you should check your outfit before you leave the house. You may have forgotten some of that too. 

Britney-no-pants, you are under dressed.

"Just gon' head out and work on my fitness..." Um, that's the only thing people should be doing in sporting apparel, right? Miley, the next time you want to get some fitness on, perhaps you should remember your shorts. And trainers. Those heels will never work. 

Miley-no-pants, you are under dressed.

"Wait Kim...!" Um, I have to give credit where credit is due, at least Kanye has his pants on. They may not be done up, but he's gone to more effort than Miley-Britney-Gaga combined and for that I say thank you Kanye. 

Kanye-some-pants, you nay be loathed by many, but your pant wearing abilities are underrated.

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