Friday, 26 September 2014

Video Review - I Don't Want To Be In Your Arms

I Don't Want To Be In Your Arms
by The Belligerents

Who do you want to be when you get older? I’m not talking in a week or two, or even a few years from now, I’m talking 30, 40 or 50 years from now. It’s something some of my friends and I have spoken about often, how is age going to work for us? Especially those of my friends who are into their music a little heavier, a little faster, an intense number of beats per minute? Will gigs be the same in 30 years as they have been all our lives? Will we still have the energy and interest to jump and dance and smash into each other in mosh pits as we always have? I don’t know, but I hope if I can’t quite move the same, my sense of humour might remain…which brings us to the latest clip from Brisbane’s own The Belligerents.

A fun beat, a fun little pop rock song, an elderly woman, an elderly man, a dog, a TV and some goats is all it takes to get me thinking about these concepts and make me a little bit uncomfortable but also incredibly amused, because while I hope my sense of fashion and style will remain as it is when I’m old (no matching florals or white ugly shoes for me), I hope my sense of humour remains just as strong as the star of ‘I Don’t Want To Be In Your Arms’, because if it does, I might have the want and the courage to remain in those mosh pits and on those dance floors for a good 40 years or so yet. Here’s hoping.

 Jo Michelmore gives ‘I Don’t Want To Be In Your Arms’ three Michael Hutchence heads out of five…

The Belligerents will be launching the single 'I Don't Want To Be In Your Arms' in Brisbane and the Black Bear Lodge on Friday, 26th September. Ooh I hope there's some cool retirees there to enjoy the fun. Seriously. #notevenjoking

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