Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Gig Review - Shihad

Live @ The HiFi, Brisbane (25 October 2014)
Words by Jo Michelmore
Pics by Cordell Sanders

It's kind of funny to think a band like Shihad have been playing their brand of rock for twenty-six years. Twenty-six years! 1988 was a lifetime ago, but in all those years, Shihad have faced some massive crowds, some ridiculous controversy (hello 'Pacifier'), some line up changes and a whole lot of rock related activities. All of those years and all of these things lead to a whole lot of experience which led to a whole lot of what was simply a goddamn good rock gig last Friday night.

At the Hi Fi in Brisbane, they played through tracks from all portions of their (so far) nine album career and while concentrating on some of the incredible tracks from their current release FVEY, they proved that this is a band with a lifetime of experience who are comfortable with their sound, confident in their ability to entertain and incredibly friendly with their fans. There was an impromptu marriage proposal by two die hard fans midway through the set (how romantic,  maybe?) and the packed venue was given the opportunity to meet the band members after the gig. That's dedication to fans and that's kind of awesome. There's no denying the rock in the room on Friday night, from a band that will hopefully be happy to still be rocking twenty-six years from now.

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