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It's My Kind Of Interview - Jessie Ware

As huge fans of Jessie Ware's Mercury Music Prize nominated debut, Devotion, we've been anticipating the release of the sophomore follow-up, Tough Love. A brilliant collection of soulful pop, Tough Love is out there in the world for your listening pleasure right now, featuring some of our favourite tracks of 2014 like 'Say You Love Me', 'Pieces' and the title track, 'Tough Love'. We'll be back with a full review of the album soon, but tonight we're thrilled to bring you a little chat with the insanely talented Jessie Ware. Enjoy!

Interview by Matt Bond

Jessie Ware, welcome to It's My Kind of Scene! How are you on this fine day? What's going on in your world?

Jessie Ware: I am alright thanks. I am hoping the sun will come out in Berlin today. Having my hair done, getting ready for television live singing later.

Tough Love has now been released! How excited are you to have it available for your fans? And what do you think separates Tough Love from its predecessor, Devotion?

Jessie: I am so relieved it is out now, and people can love it, hate it, but at least have an opinion! I think I have pushed my songwriting in Tough Love, it's a little more direct, has a few more 'pop' songs, in the best sense of the word!

You've worked with a wide range of artists like Miguel and Ed Sheeran. With Sheeran you wrote current single, 'Say You Love Me'. How did you find writing with another established act?

Jessie: We wrote it when I really thought we had the album done. It was a quick session, Ed popped over to my producer's apartment and we chilled, ate a salad and had a cup of tea and wrote it in like 45 minutes. It just came out. It was amazing seeing as Ed and I had never hung out properly and you just never know if writing with someone you respect will actually work. But it worked perfectly.

You're well known for your smooth blend of pop and soul and you certainly deliver throughout Tough Love. Who are the go-to artists that define soul music to you?

Jessie: Sade, Lauryn Hill, Dusty Springfield, Chaka Khan.

There are a lot of upcoming Jessie Ware tour dates scheduled for Europe and North America. Have you got any plans to come to Australia in the near future? Please say yes... pretty please?

Jessie: I want to so badly you don't even know! I bug my agent, my label, anyone about it. I had the best time at Laneway. It really was such fun. So please, tell everyone about me and then maybe I can come over. It's just so far :(

Speaking of live shows, have you made any big changes to your performances while incorporating the songs from Tough Love? While we're on the topic of gigs, what's your personal favourite show and why do you look back on it so fondly?

Jessie: I have a new pianist which is lovely! And we have lighting now. I have tried to make the show bigger and better, give the fans more you know? I loved Frank Ocean last year for the intimacy, but D'Angelo's show was so SPECIAL. The players, D'Angelo. It was magic.


If you weren't in the music industry you would be...
Jessie: ...a teacher, like Mr G.

The first album you ever bought was...
Jessie: Probably Take That.

A song you wish you had written is...
Jessie: 'Running Up That Hill'.

If there's one song that's guaranteed to get you on the dance floor it's...
Jessie: Chaka Khan - 'I Feel For You'.

What advice can you offer to emerging artists that aspire to have a career in the music industry like yours?

Jessie: Fucking enjoy it. It's so easy to stress and worry and if you worry too much you will miss all the fun bits.

When they air the Jessie Ware edition of MTV's 'Behind The Music' in approximately 37 years time, what will they say about you?

Jessie: Ha! If I am around then, they can say whatever they want!

An astronomically huge thank you to Jessie Ware for answering our questions! Australia loves Jessie Ware, so we hope to see her on our shores sooner than later. How can you help make this happen? Go get the exceptional new album, Tough Love... listen to it, love it, demand like a crazy person that you can hear it live in 'Straya! Want to listen to it now... there's a Streamy McAlbumStream below. Double enjoy! 

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