Friday, 17 October 2014

Song Review - Switch Lanes

Switch Lanes
by Tkay Maidza
EP: Switch Tape (available October 24, 2014. Yes!!!!)

It's not the first time it's happened to me. It's happened to all of us. You know it, you get yourself a new favourite artist and you hear a couple of songs and you think "damn, I really, really like this shit!" but you don't mean "shit" in a bad way, you mean it in a really, really good way, but a full grasp of the English language has left you because said "shit" is so good you can't even think of words other than "really", "good" and "shit" to describe it.  Then you and some of your friends who "really, really" like this "shit" get to see said artist live and everything you thought is confirmed, your mind is blown and you say it for sure. Yep, you declare yourself a fan. You know what this is about and you love it.

Then something happens. Another single is released and it's not at all what you expected. In fact, it's very different to what you expected. It's not the party jumping irreverent stomping feet anthem you have become such a fan of. What is it? It's smooth sounds and it's some sweet summer steel drums and it's soul and it's swinging and swaying and a little bit of a warm weather soundtrack. It's not at all what you thought it would be, but the best part? It's totally MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD. See? You just said blowingly. There's that loss of your grasp of the English language again. That's how good it is.

I can't remember the last artist who did this to me, but all of this is exactly what happened when I heard 'Switch Lanes'; the aptly titled and latest track from Tkay Maidza. Produced by Paces, it's a depature from her previous releases that those of us here at IMKOS have adored, but its release shows this is an artist that I predict has a massive career ahead of her. 'Switch Lanes' shows her ability to take her talent in various directions without alienating her fans and she's proven all of that even before the release of her debut EP. It seems I just can't get enough of whatever it is she has lined up and even though I now don't know what to expect next, I know to trust her talent, because let's just say it; her talent, her music and what I shall call "this shit" is really, really good.

Jo Michelmore gives Switch Lanes four Missy Elliot heads out of five...

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