Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Video Review - Just One Night

Just One Night
By Julia Why?

That scene in that generic film - the school formal, the prom, the dance, whatever you want to call it, it’s always made me wonder if the reason it’s so popular is because so many people relate and if so many people relate, then why do high schools keep having social occasions? It's been a while since I was in high school. Maybe they don't anymore. Maybe they happen on a social app that I don't know exists because I'm over the age of 19. Stop talking about how old I am. Enough about that. I'm with heaps of others I'm sure when I say, in my humble teenage opinion, my school formal sucked. It sucked balls. Whenever I think of it I have flashbacks of Carrie, but then realise that was a movie, not actually my life. I'm gonna assume a lot of people have the same problem, 'cause that makes me feel better.

Which brings me to Julia Why? who have replaced my Carrie flashbacks with those that involve a satin frilled shirt, a denim vest, a hipster pretending not to be, crepe paper, some Kate Bush moves, a parasol lollipop, some seriously awesome retro patterned carpet and a final scene that sums up the previous three and a half minutes perfectly, as well as the way I wish some of my final school dances went. Maybe. Combine all of these things with a super catchy, poppy, punky, guitar driven, "na na na na" song and I have a whole new set of memories to replace the irritating real life ones of my teenage years. They also make the clip for ‘Just One Night’ which also happens to be one of the JJJ Unearthed NIDA winners. For all the bitching that happens about JJJ, they promote a lot of great talent in this talent soaked island of ours. The easy to love pop punk sounds of Julia Why? and this hilarious, cute, storytelling clip of theirs are proof of that.
Jo Michelmore gives ‘Just One Night’ three and a half Karen O heads out of five…

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