Friday, 7 November 2014

Song Review - Let You Go

Let You Go
by JP Klipspringer (available now on bandcamp)

Recently it was mentioned to me that Sia wrote 'smart pop', which I actually totally agree with, but if with one hand I'm going to crown her 'Smart Pop Queen' then with the other hand I'm going to hand out another crown, this one going to JP Klipspringer for 'Smart Indie Pop King', because I write on a blog and I have the power to crown people and stuff. You know.

Royal crowning powers or not (is that even a thing?) it's a crown I'm happy to give to JP Klipspringer aka Jack Poulson, after hearing his latest track 'Let You Go'. JPK is an artist I'll admit I only discovered earlier this year with his a-may-zing EP Drip Dry, and that was an EP I fell totally in love with and played over and over and over (that 'Anastacia' had me wrapped around her little finger for a while there). Now, with the release of this song, it's a JP Klipspringer I wasn't expecting but one I really, really like. An almost carefree indie pop number, it's the catchiest break up song I've heard in a while, starting like something from an 80s teen film soundtrack and ending with an addictive and constant "I must let you go" which is something I really don't want to do, because like that EP earlier this year, I can't seem to get enough of JP's sounds. Check out JP's 'Let You Go' tour dates over on our gig guide!

Jo Michelmore gives 'Let You Go' four Kimbra heads out of five...

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