Thursday, 13 November 2014

Song Review - Perfect Picture

Perfect Picture
by I Know Leopard

When I was smaller than I am now and had a lot more time to think and a lot less work to contend with (and also yesterday) one of the daydreams I had was that I was either the bass player or the singer of a perfect little band. We'd be three boys and one girl (I was the girl, my imagination wasn't that interesting) and we'd write great synthy-guitary-dreamy pop songs that were beyond adorable and so very catchy. The daydreams went still go on to mega fame, fortune and stadium rock, but really, that's a whole other fantasy.

They were are my daydreams, but if they could have been a reality then maybe we could have been called I Know Leopard. Maybe we could have written a song like 'Perfect Picture' with its very perfect balance of synths and percussion, its solid vocals really popping three quarters of the way through. Maybe we could have released an impressive debut EP earlier this year and maybe we could make people wonder what we would come up with for our second release and maybe we could surprise everyone with what some people call "dream pop" but what we don't like to label and just call a really good pop song. Maybe the stadium rock mega fame dream could be a reality, but let’s just give it a little time...

Until then, the reality is that I'm not a member of I Know Leopard, I'm just a little blogger who knows what I like, but if this four piece keep writing great songs like 'Perfect Picture', I'm going to keep daydreaming that they are a five piece, me included.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Perfect Picture' three and a half Gotye heads out of five...

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