Monday, 3 November 2014

Song Review - Short Term Plan

Photo by Nayt Housman

by Michelle Xen

Sweet, merciful goddess of electronic pop... Michelle Xen is back doing her thing, making plans and just generally being the total electro diva we need right now. Over the three minutes we get to spend with 'Short Term Plan', we're treated to an auditory delight that builds upon itself as Xen details her short, mid and long term plans. "Short term plan, now I'm a mess again, struggle against the power and the bane of the white bread man." Xen's rocking a fairly defiant attitude throughout and the somewhat staccato (yet also smooth and soulful) vocal delivery is almost hypnotic. There's seriously so much going on, you pick up more to love the more you listen. Which makes you want to hear the song over and over again. The mind is literally blown here. I want to go out. I want to dance. I want to party with Michelle Xen. 

Along with her band, the Neon Wild, Xen has been proving for a while now that Brisbane is home to an artist that can compete with the very best when it comes to crafting world class electronic pop. I like her genre definition of 'Live Electronic Visual Future Pop', because given her penchant for pleasing all of the senses, one can only imagine what she'd come up with when performing 'Short Term Plan' live. One will have to keep an eye out for her next performances. For now though, we get to enjoy listening to 'Short Term Plan', which is hopefully a sign of an upcoming follow up to last year's brilliant On For You EP! 

Matt Bond gives 'Short Term Plan' four Roisin Murphy heads out of five...    

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