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2014 Scene Awards - Australian Artist Of The Year

So the video of the year was a good one and everyone loves knowing about the best new artists they should be loving but you know what we could spend days talking about, because there's just so many artists worthy of being spoken about? Australian music! That brings us to Australian Artist of the Year. It was hard to choose only four, but because we are dedicated bloggers and all round good guys(?) we did the hard work and listened to some tunes. Possibly while drinking some beverages and having a BBQ chip or two. Oi! It's the Austrayian way, mate! We're sure these four nominees have enjoyed a BBQ chip or two in their time. Maybe?


#4. Holy Holy

Maybe this should be my favourite of all the Scene Awards we give out, after all, I am Australian and I live in Australia, but when I listen to these musicians, ‘Australian’ isn’t the first thing that pops to my mind. Amazing, inspiring, awesome, remarkable, incredible, unbelievable and a whole lot of wow are all words that come to mind. From the beginning, with the first taste of Holy Holy in ‘Impossible Like You’ last year and then the release of their stunning EP The Pacific this year; everything they have done has screamed all of those previously mentioned words, and more. ‘House Of Cards’ was a rollicking sense of escapism rolled into four minutes of brilliance, ‘History’ was a sweet little emotional investment and has also become one of JJJ’s favourites this year, which means it’s not just us here at IMKOS, some patrons of the Black Bear Lodge (here in Brisbane) and a few hundred people in Melbourne who know the talents of Holy Holy, but a whole nation of music loving types who all agree.

So while all the positive words come to mind whenever I hear the sounds of Oscar Dawson, Timothy Carroll, Ryan Strathie and Graham Ritchie, there’s a secondary bonus when I realise their tales told through song are their own and their own is Australian. Which is something that I am too. Maybe that’s why I like them so much or maybe it’s just because they are all of those things I mentioned at the beginning and this too: outstanding and definitely one of my favourites of 2014. (Jo Michelmore)

#3. Ella Hooper

In regards to her music, Ella Hooper had a really good 2014. Her debut album, In Tongues more than delivered and stands as one of our absolute favourites of the year. From the sleek dark pop of ‘Haxan’ to the rock and roll triumph that is ‘Wild Stallionz’ and the haunting album closer, ‘Last Rites’. Brilliant from start to finish and we still can’t get enough of it. For me though, what really secures Ella a nod as one of our Australian Artists of the Year is that she does a whole lot to promote and support up and coming Australian music acts.

There’s her radio work, presenting the Australian Top 20 which gives so many new artists an outlet for promoting their music. Then there’s her mentoring position with the Telstra Road to Discovery initiative as well as her new role this year as the ambassador for the Melbourne Music Bank competition. It’s nice to see someone that’s essentially a veteran of the Australian music industry supporting new talent. And when she’s not doing that, she’s kicking butt on her own with fantastic music. One of Australia’s finest? You better believe it. (Matt Bond)

Runner-Up: Thelma Plum


Thelma Plum represents the very best that Australian music has to offer the world. The end. Ok, I’ll ramble on for a bit… Plum followed up last year’s truly exceptional Rosie EP by teaming with M-Phazes for the more electronic influenced yet equally amazing Monsters EP. It's a really good EP. Like, really, really good. As in, you should be listening to it right now. ‘Young In Love’, ‘Candle’, ‘Monsters’ and the lead-single (and our #2 song of the year) ‘How Much Does Your Love Cost?’ left us and all who heard them singing the praises of the super talented Ms Plum.

With a debut album expected in 2015, hopefully Thelma Plum will get the chance to take her music out into the world. She’s not just one of our favourite Australian artists, she’s one of our favourite artists period. And we’ve got a feeling the rest of the world is going to love her just as much as her Aussie fans. Seriously, just you wait until one of her tracks pops up on The Vampire Diaries or some show about a diary or vampires or something. Not that I watch The Vampire Diaries. Moving right along… (Matt Bond)

WINNER: Little May

Let me tell you what happens when you google the words ‘Little May’. There are words like haunting, beautiful, a band that stops you in your tracks, next big thing, massive crush, indie folk wonder, totally 100% amazeballs and the very best in music (and those last ones may have appeared on this here blog at some stage, maybe).

Now let me tell you what happens when you take a listen to their self-titled debut EP. Moments of your life flash before your eyes, moments of joy when each song finishes and the next starts because you know this is something special that has entered your soundtrack, moments of swaying to the irresistible chords of Liz and Annie’s during ‘Boardwalks’, moments of being convinced you’re the best singer in the world when you can’t help but harmonise with Hannah in that chorus in ‘Hide’, moments of tears with the words of ‘Bones’, moments of goose bumps when you realise what is happening three quarters of the way through ‘Dust’ and moments of giant smiles because you can't help it when listening to one of your favourite bands.

Let me tell you what happens when you see Little May play live. It’s all of those things that happen when you listen to the EP, multiplied over and over again, because live music is something incredible, especially when it’s as honest and raw and as fun as Little May. You’ll see a band that are totally in tune with each other’s performance and if you’re really lucky, you’ll be part of a sing-along that will be more intense and more fun than most you’ve sung along with and you’ll see three women who have worked incredibly hard, smile and giggle and hold back some tears at the realisation that their musical dreams are coming true right in front of them and you’ll smile yourself, because it’s so wonderful to be a part of that. 

Now let me tell you what happens when you write on a blog about music and you declare yourself a fan of an Australian band that you simply can’t get enough of. You give them your award for Australian Artist Of The Year and you re-quote things you've said before, like this; "This is the type of talent that cannot go unnoticed and I'm going to be so happy for them when we've said all we can say about them and the only thing left to do is press play." I think that time has come and I couldn’t be happier. (Jo Michelmore)

2013 Winner:
Thelma Plum
Runner-Up: JONES jnr

2012 Winner:
Texas Tea
Runner-Up: Sarah Blasko

2011 Winner:
Seeker Lover Keeper
Runner-Up: Gotye

2010 Winner:

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