Monday, 1 December 2014

Top 114 Songs of 2014, Honourable Mentions

Taylor Swift, Azealia Banks, Montaigne + Lily Allen!

Oh, hey December. It's the last month of what has been a glorious year for music. We've seen Australian acts like Sia, Iggy Azalea and 5 Seconds of Summer make a huge impact on the international charts, those French robot fellas won a swag of Grammy Awards (including Album of the Year), Miley Cyrus seems to be all but forgotten again and the hottest non-feud of the year seems to be between Ariana Grande and Bette Midler. 2014 saw the end of Crystal Castles and The Knife, but it introduced us to some of our new favourites like Montaigne, Sam Smith and Taylor Swift 2.0, pop edition. Yep, it's been a fun year and we'll be celebrating all the good times over the next month. To kick things off, it's our Top 114 Songs of 2014 countdown, which officially starts tomorrow... but there were way more that 114 amazing songs this year, so we thought we'd bump it up with some honourable mentions. And to give us time to finish writing stuff and so on and so forth. What? Here are ten incredible songs from this year that just narrowly missed out on the Top 114 Songs of 2014 list. Enjoy!

Honourable Mentions:

I'm A Fantastic Wreck
by Montaigne

And if I'm a little bit deranged would you not,
Estrange me, or change me...

Humdrum Blues
by The Growlers

She wants something tangible,
Like a ring on her hand.

Chasing Time
by Azealia Banks

Check my watch, I had the future in my pocket,
But I lost it when I gave it to you.

Hard Time
by Seinabo Sey

Hard time forgiving, 
even harder forgetting...

The Haunted
by Northeast Party House

 We all stand too long on the wrong side.

Trainwreck 1979
by Death From Above 1979

I was born on the highway in a trainwreck,
With a heart that was beating outta my chest.

by Tempura Nights

All the girls that lied to me are dead...

All of Time
by Avec Sans

One day you'll lose somebody,
In the way I'm losing you.

 Our Time
by Lily Allen

Let your hair down it's the end of the week,
And this is our time now let's forget everything...

Blank Space
by Taylor Swift

Got a long list of ex-lovers, they'll tell you I'm insane,
'Cause you know I love the players, and you love the game.


See you tomorrow for our Top 114 Songs of 2014 kick off!

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