Thursday, 29 January 2015

A to Z of the 80s - B is for Because Bon Jovi

  Because Bon Jovi
by Jo Michelmore

We learnt early on in this alphabet that the 80s are responsible for a lot of what we like and see and do today, thirty years later. Nicki Minaj? Thank Whitney Houston. Iggy Azalea? Thank Poison. Skrillex? Thank Cyndi Lauper. It goes on and on. From fashion to music to food, a band who made a huge impact on the 80s, that don't get thanked enough? Hello Bon Jovi.

Remember when Britney and Justin did double denim circa 2001?

And remember when Katy Perry and that other guy copied circa 2014?

Because Bon Jovi, 1984....

And you know your favourite pair of short shorts that your butt hangs out the back of, which you think are really hot but actually make you look really cheap, that you bought from (insert chain store name here)?

Because Bon Jovi...


And you know how Harry Styles started styling himself on 80s icons? Bandana you say? 2014 you say?

Because Bon Jovi, 1988...

And you know that guy who could be a king someday and that girl who wants to be the Queen of Pop?

Because Bon Jovi...

And perhaps most surprising, you know your favourite form of carbohydrate, circa any time of day or night?

Well lay me down on a bed of pasta, you'll never guess. Because Bon Jovi's Dad...

And this, because Bon Jovi...


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