Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Song Review - The Ocean Is My Cathedral

The Ocean Is My Cathedral
by Arctic Maps

Why yes, we would like to hear some chilled out goodness to make an otherwise dull Tuesday a whole lot better. That chilled out goodness is coming to you from Melbourne's Arctic Maps, a new project from singer-songwriter Freya Bennett and music/beats maker NPOWA aka Nathan Power. The duo's name reminds me of the Arctic Monkeys and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' song 'Maps', so I like these guys already. Even if their name has nothing to do with them and has everything to do with actual maps of the Arctic. 'The Ocean Is My Cathedral' is the first of what we hope will be many Arctic Maps tracks released in 2015 (it's their first track released ever together) and we can't get enough of Bennett's smooth vocals against NPOWA's sparse yet inviting production. Arctic Maps draw on influences from the likes of London Grammar and Daughter and like both of those acts, Arctic Maps features engaging, unique female vocals amongst a lush electronic environment. 

'The Ocean Is My Cathedral' is a nice and welcome introduction to what Bennett and Power offer, just as perfect for a quiet moment of reflection as it is for those playlists you pull out for a night in with friends on the vino. And it's post Christmas/New Year's so I'm sure you've got a lot of things to quietly reflect on. Not that I'm judging your life choices or anything. "I saw my silence fill the air, there's nothing left of me, got nothing to share." Bennett's lyrics deal with the end of a friendship and inspiration for the track came from a photo taken by Connie McDonald. This one...

I wouldn't have come up with nice lyrics to a song like Arctic Maps did after looking at a photo. But I'm not a songwriter. Bennett is though and she's really quite good at it. Just give 'The Ocean Is My Cathedral' a listen and find out for yourself. 

Matt Bond gives 'The Ocean Is My Cathedral' three and a half Ellie Goulding heads out of five...

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