Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Song Review - Sparrow And Seed

Sparrow And Seed
by Ed Wells

Well this is a lovely way to start off the new music year. Give me some good, strong emotional piano and I’m yours any day. Throw in a powerful voice and bam, I’m a sucker for both those things so am probably going to declare myself a fan shortly after. The piano and that impressive voice in this case are provided by Ed Wells, a Sydneysider with a voice that needs to be heard and some pretty impressive moves on a keyboard. His current single, 'Sparrow and Seed' is truly delightful, a story of something more than just a little bird and a seed, one would assume, considering the layers of intense sound. Accompanying it is a stunningly shot clip with visions of a childhood spent in a forest, bright blue skies and something left behind. That overriding sound of piano that pulls at the strings of memories make ‘Sparrow And Seed’ a song I’m glad I started my reviewing year with. Delicious sounds like this mean Ed Wells could be someone we’re talking about at the end of the year, as he plans on touring and releasing his first full length album sometime in 2015. Looking forward to hearing more.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Sparrow And Seed' three Gotye heads out of five…

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  1. Totally agree Jo,
    Ed Wells has something very special , his keys are amazing and the voice to match, Ed has a real future !


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