Sunday, 1 March 2015

Song Review - Don't Wanna Fight

Don’t Wanna Fight 
by Alabama Shakes
Album: Sound And Colour (due 20 April 2015)

I saw Alabama Shakes a couple of years ago at a festival. I was in the unfortunate position of being behind some poorly dressed, intoxicated and sun burnt girls who had clearly positioned themselves at the barrier at the very front of the stage because they wanted to see the band that was playing after Alabama Shakes, which is fine, each to their own and very studious of them to get there early for their supposed favourite band (until the next one) comes along. Except they spent the entire set of AS’s doing a number of things; taking selfies, attempting to check in on one of their numerous social media tools, chatting with each other about what they were wearing and finally, sitting down, against the barrier, with a couple of thousand people behind them, clamouring for the stage. The thing is, whenever I hear the name Alabama Shakes, I have a thought of these girls. Because I know while they were all too cool for school that day, what they failed to realise was the absolute talent of the band right in front of them. When I hear tracks like ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’, I laugh a little, because those girls missed a performance that goes down as one of my festival faves and one day they'll regret what they missed that hot summer day. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, I win because I didn't wanna fight them, I just subtly spilt my beverage on them as I danced. And everything was right in the world for a minute or two. Just like everything is right whenever I hit play on 'Don't Wanna Fight'.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Don't Wanna Fight' four Jack White heads out of five...

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