Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Song Review - M.O.B.

by Tkay Maidza

I never look back, bet they all do that
I'm timing the day that I reach what I'm climbing.
This songs about cash? But I'm not 'bout the money.
I do it cause I don't feel like feeling funny. 

Tkay x Slay = Yay. 

That just about sums up the return of one of our absolute favourite acts with the banging new single 'M.O.B', another preview of Tkay Maidza's upcoming debut album. If you treated yourself to Maidza's Switch Tape Mixtape last year, you'd have been teased with the goodness of what the full track would bring and oh does it bring the goodness. You'll get pretty early on what M.O.B. stands for, but that's just to grab your attention. The track is really a statement about Maidza's achievements through working hard to get herself ahead, while continually pushing herself to higher levels. And hey, the lady has proven over the past 12 months that she's just going to keep on getting better and better. We're all for Maidza sticking with a hard working attitude, because it means we'll keep on getting these ready made for the d-floor jams.

'M.O.B.' picks up right where 'Switch Lanes' left off. We get to hear Maidza's talents as a vocalist as well as marvel at her fast and furious skills as a rapper. The music is what I imagine would be the result of a battle between a contemporary techno DJ and whoever helped out No Doubt during that random dancehall 'Hey Baby' stage they went through. So what I'm saying is, it's spectacular and perfectly suited to Australia's fastest rising dynamo. As always, it's best to leave the rapping to the actual rap superstar, but we the people do get to singalong for the chorus and I'm sure we'll be hearing a whole lot of music fans yelling, "money over bitches" around town real soon. Maybe we'll even get to hear it next 'Straya Day, when Tkay storms back into the Hottest 100. Something to look forward to, yes? 

Matt Bond gives 'M.O.B.' four Missy Elliott heads out of five...

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