Friday, 20 February 2015

Song Review - Wedding Pages

Wedding Pages
by Big Strong Brute (available now on bandcamp)
Album: Good Work (available late 2015)

Goddamn I like this song, from the very beginning. Would it be weird if I started my review like that, just declaring a love from the very beginning? Too late, done. I guess it’s because the love starts at the very start, with those guitars smashing their way out of the speakers in a totally inoffensive but oh so “listen to me” way. the drums delightfully pulling you through and Paul Donoughue’s voice offering a familiarity that comforts in the sweetest way. There is a beautiful sense of Australian in these sounds, a sense of subtle excitement and big, wide open spaces, the feeling of sun and blue skies and tiny white clouds and just the teeniest amount of bittersweet, with moments of life passing by that you desperately want to remember but can only feel instead, with just a little regret. The only regret I have is not discovering this song a little sooner. Oh well, I’ll just press play again and make up for lost time, starting now. 

Jo Michelmore gives ‘Wedding Pages’ three and a half Kimbra heads out of five…

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