Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - Dirty Feelings Going On

This picture accurately reflects the way Katie feels about the term "bucket list".

I Got a Dirty, Dirty Feeling
by Katie Langley

I did something over the weekend that made me feel dirty. Not quite Christina Aguilera dirrty, more like when you realise you’ve been humming along to a song by the Hilltop Hoods and get a little shudder down your spine dirty. What did I do? I used the expression “bucket list”. Vomit.

Working in an office environment you either become indoctrinated with the latest corporate buzz words and slang, or you find yourself actively rebelling against it and making a mockery of it at every opportunity. There are no prizes for guessing which category that I fall into. My equally skeptical colleagues and I like to keep a running tally of expressions used across our various companies, and always get a chuckle to see how quickly they can spread from business to business. Here’s a little selection for you –

Moving forward. Let’s take that offline. Let’s put that idea in the parking lot. Strategic alignment. That adds more colour. Chunking up. Chunking down. Shoot the lights out. Flag it. Why don’t we take a deep dive.

Cue Butterfingers' “I Love Work”.

Doesn’t it make you cringe? You can see now why I was so disappointed in myself for dropping the “b” word. It was, however, used in the context of musicians and bands I want to see. Who might those be? Well, let me tell you.  



This is the band that I get to cross of my buc- err- must see bands list this Sunday at Soundwave. Will it be everything I hope for and more? I hope so; otherwise it’s going to be me and a bunch of sunburnt old goths standing around eating dagwood dogs reminiscing about when they were good.

 Die Antwoord


As much as I need to see this quirky duo, I absolutely refuse to have to go to a dance music festival and mingle with shirt-less roided-up meatheads in order to do so. I’m not being unreasonable, right? 


Is Peaches ever going to come back to Australia? Am I ever going to know the joy of watching her perform onstage while her giant bush protrudes out of short shorts?

Har Mar Superstar


I know that I have told this story before, but I’m going to tell it again. I had tickets to see the one and only Har Mar Superstar but the tour was cancelled. There was so much sadness and disappointment. And there still is.

Spice Girls

I’m a girl and I grew up on 90s music. I refuse to provide any further justification.

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