Monday, 16 February 2015

Video Review - Crazy

by Art Of Sleeping

There’s always been a certain romance associated with the rock band, the insane schedules, the endless journey on the road toward the sun and fame with your musical besties and the sweet adventures that come with that lifestyle. The reality of that is probably not so romantic, I’m thinking a lot more drive-thru dodgy food and arguments than sunsets on the coast and the tales of highway roadhouse bathrooms are probably stinkier than sweet adventures. It’s nice to dream of the rock star lifestyle though, and Art Of Sleeping have thrown a little romanticism in with the transit lounge floors in their clip for ‘Crazy’, a song which has hopefully been sneakily making its way into your earlobes recently, like all good bluesy rock should. The driving guitars and the drums that hold the whole thing together match the imagery perfectly, the indie rock sounds match the vintage rock clip perfectly, all the while making me want to start a band, see the Art Of Sleeping and go on a road trip. I don’t foresee a road trip anytime soon and starting a band may take some time, so hopefully this Brisbane five piece will be hitting the road again with the release of their debut album mid-year and I can take care of at least one idea.

Jo Michelmore gives ‘Crazy’ three Michael Hutchence heads out of five…

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