Thursday, 12 March 2015

A to Z of the 80s - H is for Hairy, Huey and...

by Jo Michelmore

We're up to week eight in this alphabet already and I feel I should let you, dear readers, know that I can't take entire credit for the A to Z of the 80s. Every week, I chat to certain friends and family who are well versed in all things 80s and ask them; who needs to appear in this A to Z, who can I not possibly miss and what do you think (insert letter here) should stand for? This week, I've had a couple of suggestions, so I dedicate H to those who help me every week and of course, you dear reader, which  could be one and the same.

The first suggestion for H was hairy. The 80s had a thing for hair and not just on top of ones head like I discussed in A, but in various other places too. The king of 80s hair though, is a tough call between this guy...

Prince, who didn't have a lot of chest hair, but really liked to accentuate it with frills and low cut shirts and I have to appreciate someone who makes fashion work like that...

...or this guy, Paul Stanley, the front man of KISS, who had enough chest hair for three or four big hair bands. Whatta babe. If you're into that. Me not so.

Someone who wasn't so well known for his hirsute appearance, but did sport an impressive bouffant (i have possibly just used two of my all time favourite words in one sentence), was Huey Lewis. He had band called The News. And a whole career before Gwyneth Paltrow.

That song was from Back To The Future, which was one of the biggest films of the 80s and also featured a line I have been known to repeat at inopportune times, which can be particularly annoying repeated in the car on long road trips.

Like this song, which also has a line I like to repeat and is slightly annoying, because it means I can't say the word "hello" to anyone without hearing those other six words that follow. The friend who suggested this song can attest to that.

As annoying as that is, I can't hate it too much. After all, it's responsible for one of the greatest street posters, of all time.

No Lionel, I'm not, but thanks for asking.

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