Friday, 20 March 2015

Song Review - Tears In The Rain

by Jep and Dep
Album: Word Got Out (out now)

Well I love you so much,
It's not enough, my dear...

We love us some haunting alt-country-ish balladry around these parts, so the screams of, "YES!" as soon as 'Tears In The Rain' by Jep and Dep were likely to be heard for miles and miles. YES, we're suckers for a heartbreaking tales of woe and sadness and did we mention the woe? So much woe. 'Tears In The Rain' delivers big time on all that and more, as you lose track of time for just over four minutes to take in the atmosphere of the track.

Jessica Cassar (Jep?) and Darren Cross' (Dep?) voices sit so very well together and with only an acoustic guitar to accompany them, we really get to focus on just how brilliant those voices actually are. Cassar provides the soaring light to the no-nonsense dark that comes with Cross' deep tones. One listen and you can understand why there's comparisons to 'Tears In The Rain' and the Nick Cave/Kylie classic, 'Where The Wild Roses Grow'. Two artists with voices so totally different from each other that work undeniably well together. That's Jep and Dep. I think I'm going to have to invest some time in their 2014 album, Word Got Out.

Matt Bond gives 'Tears In The Rain' four Michael Hutchence heads out of five...

You can catch Jep and Dep launch 'Tears In The Rain' in Sydney at the Newtown Social Club, Saturday 28 March! It'll be your last chance to see the two-some before they head off on a European tour. Get your tickets right here, right now.

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