Thursday, 2 April 2015

A to Z of the 80s - K is for Kanye...and Kim

But Not Of The Kardashian Type
by Jo Michelmore

Long before Kim married Kanye, there was a decade when being a Kim was actually cool. Yes kids, for those who can't read between the lines, I'm saying Kim (of the Kardashian type) isn't cool. I won't say the same for Kanye, no matter how much of a dick he is, but I'll always question how he ended up with a Kim of the Kardashian type. If he was a grown man in the 80s, would he have hooked up with another Kim?

Kim Carnes and Kanye would have been a perfect couple, because while Kanye declares himself a motherfucking monster, Ms Carnes spent her nights hiding from them in the night. Then again, who can say, maybe Kardashian Kim does that too. 

Or it could have been Kanye and Kim, of the Mel and Kim variety. After all, like Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, where there is one sister, there's another. And Mel and this Kim could have taught Kanye something he seems to know very little about. 

But I think my favourite would have been Kim Wilde. She and Kanye would have made a lovely couple and she loved American kids. But the best part?

If they got married her name would be Kim Wilde West. Even Kardashian would approve of that, right?

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