Thursday, 9 April 2015

A to Z of the 80s - L is for Love And...

...Also Lovin' And Loved And Luv
by Jo Michelmore

So some fashion recently may have had you thinking otherwise, but things have changed since the 80s. I was reading something the other day about common words that make up song titles (yes, I realise this makes me both a word nerd and a music nerd, I don't care) and it was talking about the lack of a certain word in current popular song titles and that word is 'love'. Songs with the word 'love, lovin', loves, loved' in the name have apparently declined in recent years. Even the fun spelling of love as in 'luv' peaked in the 90s and (thankfully) hasn't appeared much since. It got me thinking, what's that about? Do we hate each other more now or are we just not declaring our love/loves/luv anymore? Are we  heartbroken more, or less? We know the heartbroken are still around, or Taylor Swift wouldn't have a career, but why isn't she and everyone else for that matter, saying the word love anymore?

The year Taylor was born, New Kids On The Block were still declaring love in very high pitched voices, by boys wearing denim and tees. Yes, One Direction fans, boy bands had been doing this for a long time before Zayn left.

Which makes me think, maybe TayTay could do a duet with Zayn, like Lionel and Diana in 81. After all, dating his ex-bandmate and declaring your endless love is probably much better revenge than writing a song titled with your ex's last name, isn't it?

If she knows what love is, maybe T Swift should just declare it, like Alanah Miles did in 89. After all, I think she may have got some of her awkward dance moves from her.

But thinking about it, maybe T-Swizz needs to forget about it all together. She doesn't seem to have much luck, so maybe like Eddie Rabbitt did in 1980 (damn, pop slash country names were good in the 80s), she should just declare her affections for things other than boys. It may not be the greatest career move, but a rainy night won't leave her with a broken heart.

Then again, she hasn't had much luck. Maybe it will.

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