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The Last 5 Years, #40 - 31

Adele, Little May, Tkay + Kira!

by Tkay Maidza

I don't know why they think we're the same
They link it up but I know I'll switch lanes

If you have looked at this little blog more than once or twice in the last two years (thank you), then at some stage it would have been blatantly obvious that Tkay Maidza would be appearing in this countdown at some stage, which brings us to her (first – don’t tell anyone I told you) appearance at number forty. It seems like forever ago that Matt told me I needed to stomp my feet like a Brontosaurus, and while that was actually only two and a half years ago, Tkay has made a very impressive impact in that short time. ‘Switch Lanes’ was a more subdued adventure than her other singles, but it showcased more than Tkay’s extraordinary rapping skills; with each chorus we were treated to her gorgeous singing voice and combined with those steel drums she had herself a faultless track which only added to what has become an (almost) obsessive couple of blogging fans. (Jo Michelmore)

#39. BONES
by Little May

There was this boy I fell apart to
In the backseat of my car to

It was the opening lyrics of ‘Bones’ that got me first. Those words that drew the breath from my lungs and held me down, demanding I listen, demanding I pay attention. The beats kept me entranced, wandering gently through the sounds but then those words pulled me back to the floor. The keys held on to my heart, all of me wanting to curl up within the notes, but then those words again, reminding me of where I was and where I am. The subtle guitars like fingertips through my hair kept me comfortable until they were there again; those words, whispering in my ears, begging to be heard, reaching straight into my life, making me wonder what ever had happened then and what was happening now. Whatever did happen doesn’t matter anymore, because with every listen of ‘Bones’ to comfort and embrace, sometimes Little May's music is all you need to make everything ok. (Jo Michelmore)

by Kanye West

I'm so gifted at findin' what I don't like the most
So I think it's time for us to have a toast

You either love or hate Kanye West. It doesn't seem like there's room for much in-between. I like to separate Kanye West the artist from Kanye West the person. As a music maker I love everything about him. As a person? Meh. When 'Runaway' was released, all the way back in 2010 (!), my automatic response when asked if I liked Yeezy was something along the lines of, "he's a wanker, but he makes excellent music." Obviously he's still a bit of wanker, but the older I get the funnier I find Mr. West. You can always count on him for a post-awards show rant, the next great ego-maniacal quote and a cameo appearance on that Kardashian show. More important than that, you can always count on Kanye to release truly fascinating music. 'Runaway' was just one of many masterpieces on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. You can guarantee he'll have tracks to match it on his upcoming seventh studio album. (Matt Bond)

by Chvrches

And take what you need
And you don't need me

Here’s a confession: I have been one of those crazy people in another car that you stare at while sitting at traffic lights. I have been one of those people who sit behind you in shopping centre car parks while you crane your neck around trying to figure out where those (incredibly catchy) beats are coming from. I have been the person you look in your rear view mirror at, trying to figure out who I’m talking to in my empty car. Yes, I am one of those people you look at while I tap the steering wheel, nod my head and every now and then throw a hand in the air (I have a sedan, not a convertible, so throwing an arm can be a little more difficult. I have always done all of these things, but never more than since the very first day I hear Chrvches. And I think all of those things are indication enough of what I think of 'Recover'. (Jo Michelmore)

by Adele

There's a fire starting in my heart
Reaching a fever pitch
It's bringing me out the dark

Has anything been better in music over the past five years than Adele's meteoric rise to the top? The ultimate triumph of substance over style began with the release of 'Rolling In The Deep', which annihilated all that stood in its way, fending off LMFAO, Katy Perry and The Black Eyed Peas to end 2011 with the biggest song of the year on the Billboard Hot 100. At the Grammy Awards it would walk away with Record of the Year and Song of the Year. Its parent album, 21 would take away a bajillion other honours and Adele would become arguably the biggest artist in music. What was it that had the whole world going crazy for Adele? Maybe it was her phenomenal voice. Maybe it was her carefree attitude, not giving a damn what the world thought about her. Or maybe we all just needed a good 'fuck-you' song, because it only takes those opening lines to get you putting those middle fingers up to anyone that's ever taken you for granted. Let's go with a combination of all of those things. (Matt Bond)

by Texas Tea 


I love you like I love this black eye
I love you like I love it when we fight

After one of the many Texas Tea gigs I've had the pleasure of attending, my sister and I were talking about how Kate Jacobson and Ben Dougherty were the greatest and Sam (the sister) was all like, "I don't know how they can look at each other while singing that song." The song in question was 'I Love You Like I Love This Black Eye' and I had to agree. It's always been a live highlight with Kate and Ben alone on the stage, staring at each other and presenting both sides of a relationship ruined by domestic violence and the lengths one can go to if they want to survive. It's heartbreaking, unlike anything I've heard before and how they sing it to each other with such conviction is a testament to just how good Texas Kate and Texas Ben are as performers. I'm listening to this three years after the release of Sad Summer Hits (and album you must listen to) and it still gives me chills. (Matt Bond)


I screamed out loud again
But you weren't there to hear my call

When I first heard MTNS get some airplay on JJJ I got that little “yippee!” feeling in my stomach like you do when your favourite artists get airplay. Oh, is that only me? Um, I guess it’s like when your favourite team plays good games in the footballs, or something like that…I think? Shut up, I like music more than football. For a little while there in 2013, it seemed like everywhere I turned I heard the sweet, sweet sounds of MTNS. Maybe it was because for a little while there I was totally obsessed with those sweet, sweet sounds of these boys from Brisbane. I kept seeing them at gigs, I kept hearing them on playlists and I think I saw one of them on the street once. That was a good day. Better than the day your favourite team won the football game. Maybe. (Jo Michelmore)

#33. HIDE 
by Little May

Taking steps toward your door
I hadn't let myself before

What have Little May got coming up on their schedule? Let's see... next month they're heading off overseas to the UK, Ireland and France before making their way to the USA in June, which includes a festival performance at Bonnaroo. After a short break they return to the UK for Reading and Leeds. Then it's back to Ireland for Electric Picnic. There's also a debut album to be released at some stage and if no one has put the ladies forward as support for Fleetwood Mac's Australian tour, can I? As someone with the power to do that, which I am not, I think they'd be the perfect fit. You may have noticed I've said very little about 'Hide' and why it's one of our favourite songs of the past five years. If you've paid attention to this blog over the past five years (thanks, we love you) then I wouldn't have to since I spent like a year or three obsessing over those perfect Little May harmonies, the faultless lead performance from Liz Drummond, the totally gorgeous music that holds you under a spell and the impeccable storytelling prowess of Drummond, Hannah Field and Annie Hamilton. The fire that started in my heart the first time I heard 'Hide' burns just as bright as ever. We couldn't wait to see where Little May's journey would take them and it's taking them to all the places we hoped (and kinda knew) it would. True talent can't be kept down and Little May continue to succeed as only the very best music makers can. We couldn't be happier for them. (Matt Bond) 

by The xx

And the end is unknown
But I think that I'm ready
As long as you're with me

It's all trendy to utilise sparse beats and be all hip with the production duties to impress the kids these days. Really though, that's all because of The xx. Only youngsters themselves, the band would take out the Mercury Music Prize with their debut, xx and win over the world with the follow-up, Coexist. It's the latter that was home to 'Angels', easily one of the finest, chilled out numbers to be released in, well, ever. Original review time because, as you already know, I've gotten worse at the whole writing thing as the years go on. Jks, I'm awesome. "Has there ever been a song so immediately calming as 'Angels'? It disarms you with the opening guitar lines, before Romy Madley Croft and her siren call beckons you to follow her into a world so full of love, you'd think there was nothing else to feel. I'm left feeling like it's all a little too good to be true. Is she expressing a true, deep love that she just can't find the words to describe? Or is she doing her best to convince herself and you, the listener that what she feels is right. "If someone believed me, they would be as in love with you as I am," leaves so many questions in my mind. The way she repeats 'love' throughout makes me wonder... if she says it enough, does it make it true? It's this back and forth, is it real or isn't it that keeps me coming back for more. I'll jump between both views, my love for The xx and 'Angels' never diminishing." (Matt Bond)

 by Kira Puru and the Bruise

Leave me to bleed
Tell me what to do
 With my heart

I’m going to sound like a crazy person, but I’m almost a little bit ashamed when I hear the opening notes of ‘When All Your Love Is Not Enough’, because I still can’t quite figure out how Kira and her Bruise pals are not more of a well-known name, in this country, in my city, I’d even be happy if someone in my neighbourhood knew who she was. That voice is indescribable, if the emotion could be harnessed to treat broken hearts then bars and bottle shops across the world might go out of business, but Kira Puru would be famous and that would make me happy. Except I'd still like a beverage every now and then. Guess you can't have everything. So what if I sound like a crazy person? It’s true. Kira should be well-known and it only takes one listen to figure that out. Two listens and you’ll be hooked. Three listens and your neighbourhood will know who she is too, and that is just the beginning. (Jo Michelmore)

If they've been this good so far, can you even imagine the rest? You don't have to, because we'll be back soon with thirty more amazing songs...

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