Thursday, 28 May 2015

A to Z of the 80s - Q is for Questions

And Answers
by Jo Michelmore

The greatest question about the 80s isn't whatever happened to Toni Basil, because no one really cares and I'm sure Mickey wasn't actually that fine, but what was the greatest question posed in the 80s? A few years perspective, and I think I can answer a few, but there's one particular one I wish I could have answered in person.

In 84, Tina Turner was asking about love. If she was referring to whatever happened to her career, I'd say it was a lack of management that failed her. After all, didn't a new Mad Max film just get released? Second rate DJ remix of one of her biggest hits? Hello?

In the same year, The Clash weren't sure if they were here or there, and to be honest, I'm still not sure either.

In the late 80s The Pixies asked 'Where Is My Mind?' and I'd say judging by the expanding waistline of  Black Francis and/or his alter ego Frank Black in the 90s, it was probably somewhere in the kitchen. Or at an all you can eat dine in Pizza Hut. 

The Eurythmics asked a question in 83 which wasn't answered but asked again in 87.... 

But don't worry Ms Lennox, we all still know you asked it better than Madonna. The most important question of all the 80s wasn't even a question, it was more just a sound, but it was a sound that deserved a response and if I had a time machine, I'd hop in it and jump straight back to 13 July 1985 and answer that question myself, along with 72,000 other people, exactly like they did; "aaaaaah oh...."

Oh Freddie, you and Queen were fabulous. And here's one more question; why did you have to go? RIP.

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