Friday, 8 May 2015

Song Review - Eliza

by Fox + Fowl

A little over a year ago, I went to some night markets in my hometown to indulge in some dumplings, a curly deep fried potato, hopefully some ice cream and a couple of churros, with chocolate sauce please. As usual, I couldn't be bothered much for lining up for food, so I skipped all the savouries, went straight to the churros and sat myself down under the wintery sky in front of a band that were playing on a stage with a shipping container as a backdrop. That band was Fox + Fowl, who I found out were a bunch of boys that had met in Canberrra and relocated to Brisbane, so I get to call them from my hometown. I really liked what I heard that night so when I saw they had released a new single recently, I was (almost) as excited as I am at the thought of churros and chocolate sauce. 'Eliza' is the type of song to put Fox + Fowl on much bigger stages than the local late night food markets; this is all indie pop goodness, slowing building from "her name was Eliza Jones" to a delicious layering of beats and keys, with some sweet guitars thrown in over the top and you just can't help but bounce along to this kind of pop goodness. Here's hoping an album is on it's way soon. We don't have food ratings on our blog, but if we did I'd give 'Eliza' a whole bunch of churros.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Eliza' three and a half Beatles heads out of five...

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