Friday, 8 May 2015

Song Review - Right Now

by Hopium

‘Cause baby I’m a dick,
But you’re no saint either.

One of Melbourne’s finest/sneakiest electronic duos returns this week with their third track, ‘Right Now’, continuing the hot streak they started last year with ‘Cut’ and the Hottest 100 smash ‘Dreamers’. Each new release shows a different side of… well, whoever they are. They’re mysterious don’t cha know? Whereas ‘Cut’ spectacularly redefined obsessive love and ‘Dreamers’ lived up to the nature of its title despite lyrics that made many of us question our general slackness, ‘Right Now’ sees Hopium with a bit more fire in their belly, so to speak. They’re kinda pissed about a doomed relationship, questioning everything that’s going on… maybe wanting to fight for it to work. Our leading male figure can totally see it working right now (right now… he just doesn’t know how!), despite running through quite a substantial list of why it’s probably not going to.

The vocal delivery in ‘Cut’ was almost devoid of emotion, which created a beautiful contrast with the lyrics. ‘Dreamers’ held that dreamy quality, and we’ll stop talking about how oh so dreamy it was, I promise. We get a much more passionate vocal display in ‘Right Now’, almost 80s pop level of emotions. Which somehow manages to fit in perfectly with the modern electronic beats, co-produced with M-Phazes who is building up a stellar body of work, and lyrics that read like the dude equivalent of those you’d get from late 90s/early 2000s (justifiably) angry R 'n B babes. An example… “Tell your friends I held you back, I fucked around behind your back, tell everyone I lied to you, when they’re the ones you’re lying to.” Don’t you want to just scream along and then throw in a, “THAT’S MY JAM!” at the end for good measure? Shhh. Just say yes. There’s a whole lot to love, once again, from these up and coming tastemakers.

Matt Bond gives ‘Right Now’ four Presets heads out of five...

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