Thursday, 4 June 2015

A to Z of the 80s - R is for Romance

Isn't Dead. Yet.
by Jo Michelmore

Romance in this millennium seems to have become changing your relationship status on facebook or taking and uploading a picture of your (meat)lovers pizza before you eat it. But what were things like before we could tell all of our friends, workmates, ex-workmates, friends of friends, distant relatives and the people you haven't gotten around to deleteing yet about every aspect of our lives? Has social media killed all the mystery and romance in our lives? In the 80s, romance wasn't so public, romance was emotional and tear jerking and in the 80s romance was...

Richard Marx's curly bouffant.

Rick Astley in a skivvy.

Roxette in abandoned real estate.

Rick Springfield in high waisted wide leg pants

REO Speedwagon fawning all over some poor woman just trying to watch some daytime soaps on TV.

Roy Orbison and KD Lang. Wait, that song still makes me cry. Damn you 80s for still being relevant!

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