Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Song Review - Once

by Ngaiire
Album: Blastoma (due 2015)

If you looked back over our blog the last couple of years, you’d notice a pattern, an arrangement of names that pop up again and again. (No, not Matt and mine, we write here, duh.) There are some artists whose names keep popping up and that’s probably partly because we’re big fans of said artists but mostly because some artists just keep releasing incredible music. One of those artists is Ngaiire, who we first fell for with the release of her debut album Lamentations, in 2013. It seems like for-ev-ah since then, but any waiting was totally worth it  with the release of ‘Once’; the first single from her next album Blastoma. This is the Ngaiire we have come to love, her vocal is perfectly perfect, smooth, strong and so exquisite while the instrumentation is delicately solid and effortlessly inviting. Co-written by Paul Mac and Megan Washington, as a blog writer I suppose it’s sorta professional to name drop but all of the talent here is Ngaiire’s own, it was her gift and vibe we fell in love with two years ago and it’s her that Matt and I are going to continue to love when she releases her second album sometime this year. I think I can speak for both of us (and I write here so I can, duh) when I say that release can’t come soon enough.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Once' four Beyonce heads out of five....

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