Saturday, 20 June 2015

Song Review - Saccharine (Rework)

by Quintessential Doll (out now)

Does the sweetness make you sick?
I'm so tired of the lies
Of all the lies.

Without a hint of the artificial sweetness its title would suggest, Quintessential Doll's rework of 'Saccharine' is a little mysterious, a little dangerous and I can't get enough of it. Originally released on the 2014 EP, Let Not The Monsters Destroy Me, QD's Steph Linsdell has transformed the track to perfectly embody her self described brand of music, that being darkly whimsical folktronica. It leans much further into the electronic field this time around, with startling results. The heavy synth work and gorgeous cello lines (performed by Ruby Rose Hunter) elevate 'Saccharine' to another level, providing just the right foil for Linsdell's understated vocal performance and almost devastating lyrics. I'm sure there'll be many a listener working their way through the track thinking, "yep, been there... it sucked." 

The track builds nicely to a bit of post-bridge breakdown that will have those dark electronic fans coming back for more. It definitely had me hooked. More of that please. The black and white clip was shot by Sophia Dique at Silvertail Studios. It's simple, but effective and compliments the song very well. Quintessential Doll comes across as a bit of a badass in the video and the same could be said for the song too. Another excellent addition to the discography of one of Brisbane's great underrated talents, who's on a roll in 2015. We're hoping to hear more soon.

Matt Bond gives 'Saccharine (Rework)' four Shirley Manson heads out of five...    

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