Thursday, 23 July 2015

A to Z of the 80s - W is for Everything Then

Which Is Everything Now
by Jo Michelmore

Only four more letters and the 80s will be done. Four more letters and the last thirty years, obviously. Pretty sure X is going to stand for every song I love but haven't been able to fit in yet. We'll deal with that next week. For now, W and everything it stood for then which includes everything it influences now. And some dinosaurs. No, not Madonna. That was 10 letters ago. 

Was Not Was were walking dinosaurs long before Tkay stomped like a brontosaurus. But keep in mind WNW were responsible for songs not long after dinosaurs became extinct. Double points for band and song name both starting with W. Thank you.

Jason Derulo was clearly inspired by Wang Chung who not only referenced themselves in songs but considered themselves a verb. You can Jason Derulo all you want but I'd rather Wang Chung tonight. I think?

Wham were dancing badly long before Taylor Swift made it cool. Taylor Swift didn't make it cool.


Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj's anthem was written 33 years before she complained about all the VMA's she won't win. Clearly, it isn't fair. It never has been Nicki. Get over it.  

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