Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Song Review - Stallin'

by Airling (single out now)

Airling's run of ridiculously good tracks shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. It started last year with her Love Gracefully EP, continued into 2015 with the stunning Japanese Wallpaper collaboration 'Forces' and hits a new peak with 'Stallin'. While Hannah Shepherd's voice has always been soulful, we're moving in more of an R n' B direction with 'Stallin' than we've heard before and this is smooth. So smooth. Slow-jam smooth. And it doesn't get any smoother than that. Seriously, it doesn't get more R n' B than singing to someone about how they shouldn't call you from the payphone. That just screams late 90s/early 2000s. Because you see children, before the invention of those smart phones there were these things called payphones and you'd put coins into these old phones in a creepy box that would be covered with small pictures telling you to ring up Starla for "sensual times" and you'd have to call people's house phones if you could remember what their number was.

Anyway, you're confused now, so back to Airling. 'Stallin' is designed to give you all the feels with lyrics like, "take all your baggage, baby just go," sparse use of beats in the verses and the strong front that Airling's throwing out there vocally, masking the pain that lies beneath. She won't break, for she is strong... like Ashanti. While not a huge departure from the sound we're used to, with many of the same elements Airling has utilised to win over an ever-growing fan base, this still seems like we're seeing a whole new side of one of Brisbane's brightest. That Airling reign just won't let up, as Shepherd continues to show no signs of stalling when it comes to releasing quality jam after quality jam. 

Matt Bond gives 'Stallin' four Beyonce heads out of five... 

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