Monday, 6 July 2015

Song Review - Waiting

by Aquilo
EP: Calling Me (available now)

I had a conversation with my fellow blogger Matt recently about I how much I liked a song that had appeared in our top 25 over the last couple of weeks. That conversation involved me justifying my like by saying

"I really, really like it! You know, it's keys...words...keys...heartbreak" 

while pushing my hand into my chest manically in a heart/break motion. While I seem to be able to converse with my friends in strange movements and half sentences, I suppose since I blog I should attempt to put a little more description and a few more words into my love of this sweet little ballad from Aquilo. A duo from Lancashire in the UK, I haven't stumbled across them until this track, and what a lovely track it is to have found them with. Taken from what is their third EP Calling Me, it seems I'm going to be spending some time working my way back in time and enjoying the talents of Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher. Simple keys and a delicately simple vocal singing of one of the simplest of all things is all that 'Waiting' is and that's all it needs to be. Maybe my first review was right, I should have stuck with that and just added a simple word on the end.

Keys...words...keys...heartbreak. Beautiful. 

Jo Michelmore gives 'Waiting' three and a half Sarah Blasko heads out of five...

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