Saturday, 4 July 2015

Video Review - Overwinter

by Dear Plastic


We were thrilled to see that Dear Plastic would be releasing a clip for 'Overwinter', the fourth and final single from their exceptional debut album The Thieves Are Babes. It's just one of many songs from the LP that show off their fascinating sound that calls to mind the likes of Bjork, Portishead and all the very best alternative electronic music makers. I was a huge fan of their last clip for 'Epic Delay', you might remember Jo and Nayt offering up opposing views for 'Buck Up and Pay The Reaper' and 'Everything's Coming Up Roses' was gorgeous and scored points for being filmed in a fish tank. Dear Plastic's videos have been the cause of much debate amongst the It's My Kind of Scene team and that's a good thing. A creative music video that breaks from the norm and sparks conversation is better than the alternative, right?
I'm pretty confident when I say the video for 'Overwinter' is only going to get a whole lot of love from everyone around here. Scarlette Baccini throws on a hibernation suit and checks out for the winter. Meanwhile the lads of the group and Mumma Baccini check in on her throughout the long sleep. It's such a simple and brilliant idea and leaves you wondering why no one has thought of this before. I can't think of any video with the same concept, which is incredibly rare. But the concept goes hand in hand with the song. It's perfect. And the more you think about it, if you're into your overthinking, the sadder it becomes. We've all had those moments when you wish you could hide away until some feelings pass. Someone should really get onto making those hibernation suits for reals, they'd be a money making machine. Did you see how happy Scarlette was when she came out of her sleep? We could all be that happy! Yep. A beautiful song with a quality video to match.    

Matt Bond gives the video for 'Overwinter' four PJ Harvey heads out of five...
And don't forget y'all, Dear Plastic will be heading out on the 'Overwinter' tour this month! You can catch them in Melbourne (July 10), Adelaide (July 11) and their first Sydney show (July 16). See our Gig Guide for venues!

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