Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Song Review - Bury It There

Bury It There
by Kimberly Anne

Now don’t get me wrong, I hear Taylor Swift on the radio every couple of minutes (not even exaggerating) and I love her. You can’t deny that you know all the words to at least one of her songs and you more than likely love it. I do. But sometimes a little pop song will come out of nowhere by someone you don’t know and take over that little pop part of your brain that commercial radio forces Taylor to occupy. A song which says words like this...

'Cause I must be built of different stuff than what your love is made of, 
So we'll bury it there...

...has made its way into my existence and sat in my consciousness for a little while and has taken over the "now we got bad blood" part of my brain and let me say, I'm not complaining. A little googling and I still don't know much about this girl from South London called Kimberly Anne, who wrote this song a couple of years ago and has now become my favourite pop track of this year, so far (sorry Swifty). I don't know if I can love it anymore than I do but I'm going to try because that drum track and those words have been stuck in my head for weeks. And really, that’s the beauty of pop music isn’t it? I don't need to google that much, because it doesn’t matter if you’re Taylor Swift or Kimberly Anne; if it’s honest and if it's catchy, it makes it great pop and that's enough.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Bury It There' five dancing girl emojis out of five...

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