Monday, 17 August 2015

Song Review - Don't Cry Those Tears

by Jack Colwell

I know the secrets of the mind...

Be still, my beating heart. Jack Colwell has made his return with another masterpiece for our listening pleasure. Like the other tracks that make up the Sydney local's catalogue, 'Don't Cry Those Tears' has a sense of cinematic wonder you just can't beat and features those deep, gorgeous vocal tones that we've come to love from Mr. Cowell. We've moved on from last year's baroque-ish 'Seek The Wilde' to a more modern Doo-Wop jam, perfect for those lonely nights at the drive-in when you're sitting on the swings and crying into your popcorn. To take this 50s thing we've got going on further, if 'Don't Cry Those Tears' was in a motion picture musical, it would be in Grease. Specifically in the moment when Sandy storms out of the dance when that fierce bitch Cha-Cha steals Danny during the 'Born to Hand-Jive' scene. Imagine Jack Colwell, all Teen Angel like, appearing to Sandy and telling her not to cry those tears with the anthemic choruses of this song and that epic build to the finish. Now that would inspire her to get her leathers on, flick a durrie at Zuko and say, "tell me about it, stud." By the end of this one, everyone will be ready to say goodbye to the Sandra Dee lurking under the surface.

Brilliant song, brilliant singer and soon we'll be able to say brilliant music video and brilliant EP, with the accompanying clip to 'Don't Cry Those Tears' due for release soon and the Only When Flooded Could I Let You Go EP out August 28. I don't think I could say brilliant enough about Jack Colwell. His music really is something else and we can't wait to hear the rest of that EP so very soon. 

Matt Bond gives 'Don't Cry Those Tears' five Cha-Cha dancing girls out of five...        

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