Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Song Review - Let Me In

Let Me In
by Arctic Maps

It could be the fact that I first heard this track on a chilled Sunday afternoon that made me like it's calm vibe so much but it's probably the fact that it's just a super smooth track that makes me sway which made me a fan. It could be the quirky little synth sounds on top of the subtle beats that I liked but it's probably Freya Bennett's super sweet vocal combined with Nathan Power's restrained emotion that make it a song that's a little hard to resist. It could be the sparsity of sounds and those luscious keys halfway through that I liked, but it's probably the understated, casual crescendo that really make it a song I love. It could be the distant affection they've created with a slightly ingenious wall of sounds and really, it could be all of those things, but it's probably just because quite simply, it's a really, really gorgeous song and that's enough to make me like it so much that I love it.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Let Me In' three and a half The xx heads out of five...

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