Wednesday, 30 September 2015

It's My Kind Of Interview - Little May's Liz Drummond

Little May's Annie Hamilton, Liz Drummond (C) and Hannah Field!

It's no secret that we're big fans of Little May around here. The Sydney outfit comprised of Annie Hamilton, Hannah Field and Liz Drummond are really quite excellent at that whole 'making music' thing and their debut album "For The Company" will be out October 9! We've already heard the gorgeous 'Home' and the heartbreaking 'Seven Hours' and we know the album's going to be one of our favourites of the year. And probably ever, but anyway... Liz has always been super kind to us and took the time to answer some questions about all things "For The Company" and the crazy adventure the Little May journey has taken her on over the past couple of years. Enjoy! 

Interview by Matt Bond

Liz Drummond! Thank you so much for stopping by again. How are you and what have you been getting up to today?

Liz Drummond: HEY! Always a pleasure talking to you guys. I am great thanks! I am currently sitting at a cafĂ© on the Central Coast, drinking coffee and eating cake by myself. It’s a really nice day.

It was so great to see you perform live in Brisbane last weekend. You're previewing tracks from your debut album "For The Company" while on the road. How have you found the response from crowds? Any tour highlights so far you want to share?

Liz: Thanks so much for coming to the show, I was wondering if you guys were there! The response so far has been positive, I think. It feels like there is a bit of a new energy happening on stage, just playing the new songs. All the Australian shows were amazing and the crowds were all different in their own way. I loved the Sydney show, because there were so many of our friends and family, and it sold out (which blew our minds). I also secretly enjoyed forgetting the lyrics to ‘Dust’ at the Brisbane show. It was funny, but also a bit sad.

You recorded the album in New York earlier in the year with The Nationals' Aaron Dessner. Did you find yourself approaching the way you record your music in completely different ways? What are some of the best lessons you learned during the process?

Liz: We recorded the album over 5 weeks. It was quite a whirlwind and in that time we all learnt a lot. For me personally, it was a great experience having a deadline. I admit that I can be a perfectionist, and I think that can be somewhat debilitating when you want to get things done. It can also make you lose perspective. We really surrendered ourselves to Aaron, and what he does as a producer and a visionary. I think it was important for us to do that. We really trusted him, and we wanted his input and for him to put himself into the project. We went into the studio with a full album in mind. A couple of the songs weren’t working as well as we had hoped, and we ended up co-writing with Aaron on them. That was an experience in itself.

I'd like to single out the track 'Seven Hours' for a second. I love the build, the harmonies, the lyrics. Everything. What's the story behind the song?

Liz: We went to Jindabyne last year for a writing trip, just before Splendour. We locked ourselves away and were determined to write some stuff. We had been listening to Heavenly Father by Bon Iver. I then came up with some chords, then Hannah started writing the lyrics. We wrote the chorus melody and lyrics together. We wanted it to be something that was moving. The coldness and the whole vibe of Jindabyne was a massive inspiration. I think the verses are from Hannah’s personal experiences. I can’t really speak for her but I think it’s a reflection of a past relationship. I think there’s a lot of imagery in the song, and the lyrics are sensationalized to really paint a picture.

You've come up with a really cool listening party-ish concept with the #ArtForTheCompany exhibition. Tell us about the three day event, how did you come up with it and how did you choose the featured artists, designers and photographers?

Liz: Our manager Monique came up with the original idea, and since then her and Annie have been working intensely on making it all come to fruition. Annie reached out to a bunch of artists who were keen, and we sent them the album. Every artist picked a song. No one picked the same song, which was surprising (and awesome). Annie is such a talented artist, and it’s really awesome to see her thriving in this exhibition. We’re setting up listening booths, so people can come and hear the album before it’s released. The exhibition is really birthed from the idea of encouraging inspiration and creation. It’s really cool to see how the artists each interpret the songs for themselves, and create something new. I love that art just inspires new art. It’s endless.

You'll be heading over to England just before the album is released on October 6 and then after stops in Holland, France, Germany and Belgium it's back to the USA for more shows. You're kinda taking over the world. Looking back over the last couple of years, how are you feeling about how far you've come? And what do you find different about performing to local audiences and international ones?

Liz: I know it sounds clichĂ©, but this whole lifestyle, and everything that’s happened in the past year, is really beyond my comprehension. Annie and I often joke that when we enter a room, everyone’s going to jump out and yell “SURPRISE, YOUR LIFE IS A JOKE”. I never thought this would happen for me. The last tour we did overseas was an eye opener. We had people come to our shows overseas. They bought tickets and they knew our songs. We sat on a plane for 24 hours across the ocean, to new land where people have heard what we recorded on the other side of the world. What even is that?

In our very first interview with you, you said you would love to be involved in a big Mumford and Sons festival jam and that happened in June along with The Flaming Lips, Jenny Lewis and The Vaccines. So what's next on the bucket list?

Liz: I was literally talking about that the other day. I knew I wrote it down somewhere. That was a distant dream. I can’t even… We are really, really lucky. Next on the bucket list - I know it sounds silly but I really want to do trapezing, or some sort of circus thing. That’s not really a bucket list thing though, just an expensive hobby. I don’t know, I would like to have children, at some stage.

What's planned for after the American leg of your tour? A well deserved break? Recording of more music perhaps?

Liz: I plan to go lie on a beach for as long as I can, and shut everything out for a while. I also want to spend some time up at the farm with my parents and my boyfriend. I also want to get straight back into writing, and start recording the next release. Writing and recording is my happy place, I have discovered.

I know you're sort of on the go, non-stop, action action, album release busy like at the moment, but what music have you been loving this year?

Liz: Tame Impala, Other Lives, Father John Misty, Alberta Cross, Pond, Sufjan Stevens, Wolf Alice

If you could make your own supergroup comprised of: 1 x lead vocalist, 1 x guitarist/vocals, 1 x bass guitar player, 1 x drummer and 1 x keys player... Who would you pick? Anyone is in play.

Liz: Robert Plant, Thom Yorke, Flea, Dave Grohl, Elton John. If they could work out their differences, I think it could be quite a sound.

Kanye for President of the United States in 2020. Your thoughts?

Liz: Haha. I don’t think he would be the best president, but I think he is extremely innovative and would do some good things for culture and creativity. I think he has been incredibly misunderstood. But yeah, realistically, maybe not president.

Thanks so much, always a pleasure. Can't wait to hear the album so very soon!

Liz: Thanks for the support guys. Love you all! x

If we had a Hall of Fame, Liz would be in it. That's the fourth time she's stopped by! We love it. And we're going to love the album "For The Company" when it's out next month. If you're in Sydney this weekend, you should head along to the Art For The Company exhibition at Goodspace, which is running from 12 - 6pm. You can get full details over on the Facebooks. Thanks again to Liz Drummond for another lovely chat and all the best to Little May on their international shows and the release of "For The Company"! 

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

It's My Kind Of Interview - Montaigne

"You're asking me, to be kind to you. Well let me tell you something, dear... That kind of game takes two." Have you heard 'Clip My Wings', the larger than life new single from the enigmatic Montaigne? We can't get enough of it. Evidence of this? It's dominated our weekly Top 25, with a four week stint at the top. Yeah, we love it just a little bit. And as of this weekend, Montaigne will be taking the track on the road as part of the Clip My Wings tour. We were more than happy to have the chance to ask the self-described 'fantastic wreck' some questions once more and Montaigne was more than lovely to take the time to answer them. Enjoy! 

Interview by Matt Bond

Montaigne, welcome back to It's My Kind of Scene! What is going on in your world today?

Montaigne: Today I had another glorious chocolate oatmeal breakfast (vegan, of course), and then went for a run, and now I’m at Albert Studios, attempting to master ProTools in a burst of inspiration engendered by my recently developed infatuation with Queen.

I've got to say, a huge congratulations to you for having the most played song on triple J last week with 'Clip My Wings'! How does that feel?

Montaigne: It feels like a very satisfying notch on an infinite belt of achievements that I’d like to continue to tighten around me until I explode and die.

'Clip My Wings' is one epic ride that shows off some serious power in your voice. What's the story behind the song?

Montaigne: Ooh, sorry, I can’t tell you the details of the story. Yes, it is an autobiographical story containing very specific detail. Alas, I cannot reveal it to you. Just know that someone close to me was (perhaps inadvertently) quite manipulative towards me, was behaving in uncivilised fashion, and I had had enough. This song was my cry against the ill treatment I was subject to.

The video for the song looks amazing and I saw you said it was inspired by the opening sequence in Kingdom Hearts. Favourite game of yours? How was the experience of shooting the clip for you?

Montaigne: Yes, favourite game of mine. The clip shoot was very intense, at least physically. I maintained an air of aplomb and equanimity as much as I could during the shoot, even though it was cold, and I was being chafed thoroughly, and pushed over and pulled upward and dropped to the floor repetitively. I loved it! It was a great physical and mental challenge for me, and I knew it would be well worth it when the final product was completed, and the makers are the loveliest and most good-natured people, and were as such on set. Exemplary in the field of patience and materialising energy when all stores have depleted. It was gruelling, but rewarding.

You're heading out on the 'Clip My Wings' tour, which kicks off October 3 in Perth at Jimmy's Den. What can a first time Montaigne live punter expect from your shows?

Montaigne: I don’t want to give too much away, because surprises are the best parts of shows. Though here’s a bit of a spoiler: I’m not very surprising. The show is very simple. My hope is that people are going for the musical performance, rather than the confetti cannons and garish light shows, because they will otherwise be disappointed.

And since you've got a new song out that's not from your debut "Life Of Montaigne" EP... Does this mean you might be brewing up a new collection of music? Any details you'd like to share?

Montaigne: Affirmative. The collection of music is sometimes called an ‘album’, and sometimes an ‘LP’ and sometimes ‘a body of work with one or two good singles and then some other songs’. Sometimes that body of work may even be populated entirely by good songs! That’s the aim. Not too many details other than that, but it’s a thing that’ll be happening, hopefully sooner than later, but probably later knowing this industry. Sigh.

It's been a pretty crazy year for you already. Lots of touring, national radio play and love coming in from all over the world. What have been your personal Montaigne highlights from 2015?

Montaigne: Personal highlights include: receiving an email from Alain de Botton expressing recognition of my existence and music; playing the last Japanese Wallpaper show of his tour; performing ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ by Tiffany with Meg Washo during her set on her tour; meeting Jonathan Higgs and getting to tell him how much I love him; seeing Florence + The Machine perform at Splendour; and meeting all the great friends I have now in the music industry.

Do you get a chance to head out and see many gigs? If so, who have you been to see this year? And what have been some of your favourite releases this year?

Montaige: So many, man. I’ve seen plenty more than the following but these are the highlights:

Everything Everything at the Metro Theatre, the Florence set at Splendour, pretty much all the SAFIA shows I have been to (those boys really know how to perform), the ALPINE set at Splendour, pretty much any Gang of Youths show I go to and Art vs Science at The Basement. My favourite releases would have to be the Gangs record, The Positions, Carrie and Lowell by Sufjan Stevens, Get To Heaven by Everything Everything, Yuck by ALPINE, that new FKA Twigs EP, a couple of singles from Florence, Empress Of, and Jamie XX’s records. 'You Know I Love You' by Big White, those new CHURCHES singles, 'Once' by Ngaiire, 'The Alley' by E^st, 'Dreams' by Beck - there are many I could list but these are all I’ll leave with you.

I watched Almost Famous last week because it was its 15th anniversary and because it is amazing, so I'll ask you one of the questions from it... What do you love about music?

Montaigne: It’s pleasing to my brain and body. It gets the chemicals in my body moving, gets me out of an inert state, makes me feel something when I’m not feeling anything, helps me get out of my head, it motivates me, it dictates my mood, it reveals the truth of my feelings to me when I’m in denial about them, it keeps me in love with life. And the best music makes me feel ineffable things, which is my favourite kind of thing to feel.

Kanye West for President of the USA in 2020. Yay or nay?

Montaigne: People who say ‘yes’ unironically really need to reevaluate their life choices.

Brilliant. An absolute pleasure to chat with Montaigne and we can't say thank you enough to her for stopping by once more. The Clip My Wings tour kicks off this Saturday in Perth with details listed below in purty picture form. And we are very excited to get to hear the debut album from Montaigne, whenever that may arrive! 

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Top 25 - 27 September, 2015

Lester The Fierce, Ayla, Sarah Blasko + Sia!

1. Montaigne - Clip My Wings (#1 for 4 weeks!)

2. Chvrches - Clearest Blue

3. Lester The Fierce - Devil In A Dress (NEW)

4. Bad Pony - Michael Moore

5. Sia - Alive (NEW)

6. Tully On Tully - Miles Away

7. Ayla - When The World Ends (NEW)

8. Delamere - Heart (NEW)

9. Jessie Frye - One In A Million

10. Jack Colwell - Don't Cry Those Tears

11. Sarah Blasko - Only One (NEW)

12. Passerine - Look Up (NEW)

13. The Paper Kites - A Silent Cause

14. Le Pie - Secrets (NEW)

15. MKO Sun - Black Seaweed (NEW)

16. Jeremy Neale ft. Harriette Pillbeam - The Love Calling

17. Little May - Seven Hours (Re-Entry)

18. WAAX - I For An Eye

19. Auguste - Slow Motion (NEW)

20. She Rex - This Way

21. Frolik - Wallflower

22. Morgan Bain - Lift You Up

23. Aquilo - Good Girl

24. Lucy Peach - Be So Good

25. Ecca Vandal - Father Hu$$la

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Gig Review - Little May

Live @ The Foundry (19th September, 2015)
Supported by Jim Lawrie and Gordi
Words by Jo Michelmore
Pics by Matt Bond

It’s been a quiet year for me and gigs. Don’t get me wrong, there’s been plenty I’d have loved to have gone to, but the concept of my everyday 9-5 real life and the idea of my dream life which involves going to gigs every night and writing about them on this blog all day are two very different things. I try to find a balance somewhere in the middle but lots of days those concepts don’t meet at all. Luckily for me, a little voice from my dream life had a very serious chat to real life me last week and both Matt and I decided that some bands are worth leaving real life behind, so we spent a Saturday evening seeing something we like; a little live music, by a band we have both come to love over the last few years. That band is Little May.

Sad to say we missed Jim Lawrie, who was up first, but it doesn’t make me any less of a fan, he’s just one that I must add to the list of ‘must sees’ sometime hopefully very soon. We did manage to catch the set of Gordi and moments of beats and sounds and "hey I really wanna dance" were followed by moments of quiet acoustic reflection, her facebook page describing her as ‘folk- electronica’, which is pretty much exactly what she was. I said to Matt midway through I was kind of confused, but what an awesome confused it was. I also said I’d be doing some research once I got home and I’m so glad I have. What a voice. Gordi will no doubt be featuring somewhere in my personal end of year playlist and what a welcome addition.

Despite the apparent need for people to sit down on the floor on a Saturday night, Matt and I managed to make our way over the legs and arms of said sitting patrons and secured a spot at the stage to take it all in and let's say the minor gymnastic routine and an "excuse me" here and there was well worth it. There have been a lot of things we’ve said to each other and on this blog over the last few years about this incredibly talented trio; the ridiculously good harmonies, the layers of drums that urge each track along, the insanely catchy guitars, they are all things that Little May manage to record so well, but when they bring them to a stage those things become more than songs, they are experiences. Those voices entwined around each other in each and every track; ‘Hide’ and ‘Dust’ and ‘Midnight Hour’ from their debut self-titled EP so powerful; every note demanding attention and the glimpses of magnificence from their soon to be released debut album were truly brilliant. The dramatic tones of ‘Home’ are so very spine-tingling in a live setting, the build of ‘Seven Hours’ is a special kind of something and ‘Sinks’ was a beautiful promise of what is to be heard on For The Company. It's so lovely to listen to a band who clearly belong together; Liz Drummond, Hannah Field and Annie Hamilton all seem to have a real appreciation for each other's talents, as well as the talents of their drummer and keyboardist who join them on the road, every one of them such an important piece of the Little May experience.

So that dream life of mine where I spend all night watching bands and all day writing about them? Sometimes it's not a dream. Sometimes music makes real life go somewhere and that dream life takes over, where everything can be explained in a song, where every moment can be fixed with a lyric and all of time can be told with a chord and a beat. Hannah said something on Saturday night that stuck with me; when chatting about the experience of recording their new album with Aaron Dessner (guitarist with The National) a band she referred to as "kind of like...everything". That's kind of funny, because with every song and every note and every lyric, Little May are becoming exactly "....everything" for so many others and for me, on Saturday night they were also a magnificent reminder that every now and then, my dream life is actually a little bit of my real life and that's a really, really nice thing to be reminded of.

Little May continue their For The Company tour all over the world(!) until November 3 and #ArtForThe Company, an exhibition featuring artworks from 11 artists inspired by their album will run from October 2 to October 4 at Goodspace in Sydney. Tour details over on our gig guide!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Top 25 - 20 September, 2015

Tully On Tully, Winterbourne + Jessie Frye!

1. Montaigne - Clip My Wings


2. Chvrches - Clearest Blue


3. Tully On Tully - Miles Away (NEW)


4. Jeremy Neale ft. Harriette Pillbeam - The Love Calling


5. The Paper Kites - A Silent Cause (NEW)


6. WAAX - I For An Eye


7. She Rex - This Way


8. Bad Pony - Michael Moore (NEW)


9. Doe Paoro - Hypotheticals (NEW)
Listen Here...

10. Jack Colwell - Don't Cry Those Tears

11. Lucy Peach - Be So Good (NEW)


12. Morgan Bain - Lift You Up


13. Jessie Frye - One In A Million (NEW)


14. Frolik - Wallflower


15. Aquilo - Good Girl (NEW)


16. Babaganouj - Hit Song


17. Zola Jesus - Circles (NEW)


18. Jesse Davidson - Lagoon (NEW)


19. Tempura Nights - Studville


20. Winters End - Mayfair


21. Winterbourne - To Get To Know You (NEW)

22. Ecca Vandal - Father Hu$$la

23. Little Simz - Dead Body (NEW)

24. James Chatburn - Creator


25. Yeo - Icarus

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Album Review - twelvefour

by The Paper Kites (out now)

Two years after the release of the soul-stirring debut States, Melbourne music makers The Paper Kites return with the equally moving twelvefour. I know, it's been out for a couple of weeks... but I've had it on a list. Yes, there is a list. There's a lot of excellent music going around, yeah. And if there was an album I wanted to take the time to listen to properly, absorb the atmosphere and fall in love with (as if there was any doubt I wouldn't), it was going to be this one. twelvefour is made for those that want an album that will let them completely disappear as you lose yourself in the music. From the moment 'Electric Indigo' begins, you can comfortably fall into the world of The Paper Kites right until the final guitar notes of closing track 'Too Late' leave you wanting more. 

'Electric Indigo' could be the band at their most confident. Sam Bentley's voice seems smoother, maybe even a little dreamier and completely deserving of delivering lines to match like, "cause you've got something that I need, something I can't find." As primarily a folk-leaning indie act, twelvefour finds The Paper Kites expanding their sound, taking them in some interesting rock-y direction. 'Revelator Eyes' is incredibly catchy and guaranteed to put a bit of a spring in your step. I didn't think it was possible for someone to make a song that makes you want to get up and dance and chill right out at the same time. Maybe I'm just too lazy to get up, but I think it's more the fine balancing acts The Paper Kites are capable of carrying out in their music. Take 'A Silent Cause' for example, it's a track that makes you feel like your heart is breaking but at the same time you can't stop yourself from smiling. A relatively simple arrangement that puts the focus on warm guitar and the harmonies of Bentley and Christina Lacy, it took me about ten listens before I could move onto the next track. I'm going to keep on coming back to this one, it's really beautiful work from a band known for their beautiful music. "You say all the people you know, all are slowly dying from a silent cause, from their quiet desperations, I walk you home in the rain, pass by the yellow line train, thought that I was different when you looked at me, but this quiet desperation is killing me too, killing me too." Lyric game, beyond strong. To smile or cry? This will probably happen at first...

For those that originally fell for The Paper Kites and the beautiful banjo that took us into 'St. Clarity', you'll find more than enough to love about twelvefour, which builds upon the sounds of States as opposed to moving away from them completely. Yes, you'll hear David Powys' banjo throughout and yes, it's still awesome. There's also some bluesy elements that are pulled off very nicely, like the guitar work in the definitively heartbreaking 'Too Late'. "You're always in my head, branding your fire on my lips, but this still won't work no, no, love you have come too late." Stop dragging this heart around, but don't stop dragging this heart around. It's like the relationship that begins in 'Electric Indigo' was doomed from the start and you'll just find yourself back at the start after 'Too Late' finishes anyway, so get ready to experience it all over again. It's all kinds of awesome. And another stellar addition to the discography of one of our favourite Australian acts. Or just acts in music. The Paper Kites are really that good. And so is this album. My words don't do it justice. The Paper Kites' do though. Go and listen to them.

Matt Bond gives twelvefour four and a half guitar emoji out of five...

Monday, 14 September 2015

Top 25 - 14 September 2015

Tempura Nights, Ecca Vandal, Yeo + Chvrches!

1. Montaigne - Clip My Wings

2. Chvrches - Clearest Blue (NEW)


3. Jeremy Neale ft. Harriette Pilbeam - The Love Calling

4. Jack Colwell - Don't Cry Those Tears

5. WAAX - I For An Eye

6. She Rex - This Way

7. Ecca Vandal - Father Hus$$la (NEW)


8. Babaganouj - Hit Song

9. Tempura Nights - Studville (NEW)

10. Morgan Bain - Lift You Up


11. Little May - Seven Hours


12. MYAMI - I Oh I (NEW)


13. James Chatburn - Creator (NEW)


14. Girl Band - Paul

15. Frolik - Wallflower


16. Saux x The Septembers - Work


17. Yeo - Icarus (NEW)


18. Winters End - Mayfair


19. Little Desert - Captive

20. Isaac Cavallaro ft. Simon Svoboda - My Darling


21. Michelle Xen - Give In


22. Hayden Calnin - White Night


23. Jackson Dyer - Steal Away


24. Oh Wonder - Drive


25. Ngaiire - Once

Sunday, 13 September 2015

BIGSOUND Live 2015 - Text Review

BIGSOUND Live 2015 
Fortitude Valley, Brisbane (9-10 September 2015)
Reviewed through the wonders of text messaging
by Matthew Bond and Jo Michelmore

It's almost impossible to believe one of our favourite music events is done for another year. Over 150 bands and musicians playing across fifteen venues in the Valley, it really is an amazing couple of nights for music lovers! Over the years we've witnessed some incredible acts; Thelma Plum, Holy Holy, Tkay Maidza, Adalita, Little May, KINGSWOOD, Airling...the names are endless, but probably the best part about BIGSOUND is discovering artists we didn't previously know; Kira Puru, Jones Jnr, Willow Beats, BAD//DREEMS...the list of awesome goes on and on. This year, it was just Matt and Jo tackling the mean streets of the Valley, determined to see as much as possible, all the while texting (sometimes while standing next to each other). Welcome kids, to the BIGSOUND 2015 addition of what has become legend in some parts of the world (mostly just our houses and a couple of our friends like it too)....the text review.

*No apologies given for spelling, grammar or other errors within texts. It was dark, late and tiring. And we loved it all.

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Tempura Nights


















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The Nouj





Thursday, 10th September