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BIGSOUND Live 2015 Feature Artist - HOWQUA

If you're still sitting thinking about getting those tickets to BIGSOUND Live, it would be wise to say YES and get in while there's still a couple left. The conference has sold out, but there's still a chance to head along to see a mighty fine collection of music's best and brightest... artist like HOWQUA, who will be in Brisbane next week to showcase his talents. Where can you get your tickets? Over at the QMusic site, of course. Where can you read about HOWQUA and BIGSOUND? Right here, like below... enjoy!

Performing at the Title Track BIGSOUND Pre Party, Tuesday September 8 @ The Brightside
and as part of BIGSOUND Live 2015
 Wednesday September 9 - 9:50pm @ The Flying Cock

HOWQUA, thanks for stopping by for a chat! How's your week been so far?

Howqua: It’s been nice and busy. It’s consisted of a mix of earning enough cash working several jobs to pay for overseas touring adventures and making sure I have enough time to get everything sorted.

In a world full of labels, how do you describe your music?

Howqua: I suppose I just try to write as honestly as I can.  I’d like to think it's pretty 'guards down' lyrics with some noises to accompany it.

What are your thoughts on the BIGSOUND concept? Any acts you'll be keen to check out during the event?

Howqua: I’ve never been to BIGSOUND but from afar I’ve watched it build over the years and become a very important stepping stone for several artists.  There’s a bunch of acts I’m looking forward to seeing this year - Methyl Ethel, Pearls and Gang of Youths to name a few.

You'll be performing on  September 8 at Title-Track's pre-BIGSOUND party at The Brightside as well as on September 9 at The Flying Cock during BIGSOUND Live! You have a short space of time to play for people who may not know you or your material well. So, how do you decide what songs you'll be playing during your showcases?

Howqua: With showcase sets being quite short there is always going to be thoughts on why or why not a particular song should make the set list.  But I honestly don’t think there is really any right answer. Based on that I think I’ll just play the songs I most enjoy playing and take it from there.

We all know of the awesomeness of BIGSOUND and we've all heard that SXSW is pretty darn good as well, but are there any other similar showcases or venues in the world that you'd like to play, that we should know about? Anywhere else we should be dreaming of visiting before BIGSOUND returns to us, September 2016?

Howqua: I’ve always thought CMJ would be an amazing showcase to play in New York and The Great Escape in the UK would also be good fun. Although it’s super local for me, I think playing The Forum would be an amazing experience. Playing the Bowery Ballroom in New York has also been a dream.

Have you got any upcoming music releases planned that we can look forward to? What about touring plans?

Howqua: My debut EP “Naked” has only be released locally so an international release is on the cards for that.  This month I am also about to embark on my first ever North American tour which is pretty exciting.

Say you were picked to curate a music festival. You've got the budget to pick whoever you want. Who are five acts that would definitely make your list and why would you choose them?

Howqua: Arcade Fire: I’ve always really dug their tunes but I’ve never seen them live so this seems like a great opportunity to.

Charles Bradley:  I saw him play one year at Golden Plains and he just oozes soul.

Ben Smith: He is a great local singer/songwriter who has been a big inspiration for me and I’d love him to be a part of this.

Bjork: Someone to rep the weird and wonderful Icelandic vibes.

Daft Punk: Flashing lights and a list of hits sound like the perfect addition.


Your dream collaboration would be with?
Howqua: Justin Vernon

When they name the HOWQUA biopic, what's the title going to be? 
Howqua: Straight outta Croydon.

Your favourite songwriters are?
Howqua: Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen and a million more.

The best gig you've ever been to was?
Howqua: Bon Iver at the Forum was a pretty memorable one.

When they air the HOWQUA MTV 'Behind The Music' special in thirty-three years time, what will they say about you?

Howqua: That I did things differently.

Thanks for the chat HOWQUA! Make sure you head along to his showcase set at BIGSOUND Live next week, so you can see him off on his North American tour in style. 

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