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It's My Kind Of Interview - Montaigne

"You're asking me, to be kind to you. Well let me tell you something, dear... That kind of game takes two." Have you heard 'Clip My Wings', the larger than life new single from the enigmatic Montaigne? We can't get enough of it. Evidence of this? It's dominated our weekly Top 25, with a four week stint at the top. Yeah, we love it just a little bit. And as of this weekend, Montaigne will be taking the track on the road as part of the Clip My Wings tour. We were more than happy to have the chance to ask the self-described 'fantastic wreck' some questions once more and Montaigne was more than lovely to take the time to answer them. Enjoy! 

Interview by Matt Bond

Montaigne, welcome back to It's My Kind of Scene! What is going on in your world today?

Montaigne: Today I had another glorious chocolate oatmeal breakfast (vegan, of course), and then went for a run, and now I’m at Albert Studios, attempting to master ProTools in a burst of inspiration engendered by my recently developed infatuation with Queen.

I've got to say, a huge congratulations to you for having the most played song on triple J last week with 'Clip My Wings'! How does that feel?

Montaigne: It feels like a very satisfying notch on an infinite belt of achievements that I’d like to continue to tighten around me until I explode and die.

'Clip My Wings' is one epic ride that shows off some serious power in your voice. What's the story behind the song?

Montaigne: Ooh, sorry, I can’t tell you the details of the story. Yes, it is an autobiographical story containing very specific detail. Alas, I cannot reveal it to you. Just know that someone close to me was (perhaps inadvertently) quite manipulative towards me, was behaving in uncivilised fashion, and I had had enough. This song was my cry against the ill treatment I was subject to.

The video for the song looks amazing and I saw you said it was inspired by the opening sequence in Kingdom Hearts. Favourite game of yours? How was the experience of shooting the clip for you?

Montaigne: Yes, favourite game of mine. The clip shoot was very intense, at least physically. I maintained an air of aplomb and equanimity as much as I could during the shoot, even though it was cold, and I was being chafed thoroughly, and pushed over and pulled upward and dropped to the floor repetitively. I loved it! It was a great physical and mental challenge for me, and I knew it would be well worth it when the final product was completed, and the makers are the loveliest and most good-natured people, and were as such on set. Exemplary in the field of patience and materialising energy when all stores have depleted. It was gruelling, but rewarding.

You're heading out on the 'Clip My Wings' tour, which kicks off October 3 in Perth at Jimmy's Den. What can a first time Montaigne live punter expect from your shows?

Montaigne: I don’t want to give too much away, because surprises are the best parts of shows. Though here’s a bit of a spoiler: I’m not very surprising. The show is very simple. My hope is that people are going for the musical performance, rather than the confetti cannons and garish light shows, because they will otherwise be disappointed.

And since you've got a new song out that's not from your debut "Life Of Montaigne" EP... Does this mean you might be brewing up a new collection of music? Any details you'd like to share?

Montaigne: Affirmative. The collection of music is sometimes called an ‘album’, and sometimes an ‘LP’ and sometimes ‘a body of work with one or two good singles and then some other songs’. Sometimes that body of work may even be populated entirely by good songs! That’s the aim. Not too many details other than that, but it’s a thing that’ll be happening, hopefully sooner than later, but probably later knowing this industry. Sigh.

It's been a pretty crazy year for you already. Lots of touring, national radio play and love coming in from all over the world. What have been your personal Montaigne highlights from 2015?

Montaigne: Personal highlights include: receiving an email from Alain de Botton expressing recognition of my existence and music; playing the last Japanese Wallpaper show of his tour; performing ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ by Tiffany with Meg Washo during her set on her tour; meeting Jonathan Higgs and getting to tell him how much I love him; seeing Florence + The Machine perform at Splendour; and meeting all the great friends I have now in the music industry.

Do you get a chance to head out and see many gigs? If so, who have you been to see this year? And what have been some of your favourite releases this year?

Montaige: So many, man. I’ve seen plenty more than the following but these are the highlights:

Everything Everything at the Metro Theatre, the Florence set at Splendour, pretty much all the SAFIA shows I have been to (those boys really know how to perform), the ALPINE set at Splendour, pretty much any Gang of Youths show I go to and Art vs Science at The Basement. My favourite releases would have to be the Gangs record, The Positions, Carrie and Lowell by Sufjan Stevens, Get To Heaven by Everything Everything, Yuck by ALPINE, that new FKA Twigs EP, a couple of singles from Florence, Empress Of, and Jamie XX’s records. 'You Know I Love You' by Big White, those new CHURCHES singles, 'Once' by Ngaiire, 'The Alley' by E^st, 'Dreams' by Beck - there are many I could list but these are all I’ll leave with you.

I watched Almost Famous last week because it was its 15th anniversary and because it is amazing, so I'll ask you one of the questions from it... What do you love about music?

Montaigne: It’s pleasing to my brain and body. It gets the chemicals in my body moving, gets me out of an inert state, makes me feel something when I’m not feeling anything, helps me get out of my head, it motivates me, it dictates my mood, it reveals the truth of my feelings to me when I’m in denial about them, it keeps me in love with life. And the best music makes me feel ineffable things, which is my favourite kind of thing to feel.

Kanye West for President of the USA in 2020. Yay or nay?

Montaigne: People who say ‘yes’ unironically really need to reevaluate their life choices.

Brilliant. An absolute pleasure to chat with Montaigne and we can't say thank you enough to her for stopping by once more. The Clip My Wings tour kicks off this Saturday in Perth with details listed below in purty picture form. And we are very excited to get to hear the debut album from Montaigne, whenever that may arrive! 

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