Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Song Review - Follow Me

Follow Me
by Life Is Better Blonde

Ooh, these are the moments I love the most, the moments most unexpected, the feelings running a little deeper than they probably should, the sounds a little more shattering than anticipated. And so we have the sounds of ‘Follow Me’, beginning so simply, understated and a little unsure but so very alluring. These are the moments of Life Is Better Blonde, a Melbourne based artist who seems to have the ability to take uneasy and make it content, to place everything unexpected in his electronic basket and come up with things that feel right. This, his second single following the confusingly fabulous 'Mine' released earlier this year, is a gorgeously haunting track with an exquisitely poignant clip to match, one whose images I could read a whole lot of things into, or one I could simply let take me away, mysterious and re-assuring, everything that it is matches the atmospheric sounds perfectly. These are the moments love, the moments where I’m not sure whether to be a blogger and write about the technicalities of such a moving song or whether I just press play again and have a little lie down and a cry. Luckily, I tend to blog about things that I’m a fan of so I get to do both, and those are the moments I really love most.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Follow Me' five hand claps out of five....

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