Thursday, 22 October 2015

40 Years Of Rocking In The Free World

Rocking Horse Records + store owner, Warwick Vere.

by Matt Bond

Brisbane has a proud music history. It's the home of The Saints, The Go-Betweens, Powderfinger, The Grates and Violent Soho. Over the years locals have seen unforgettable gigs in much loved venues like The Zoo, Black Bear Lodge and Festival Hall (R.I.P). There's our legendary radio station. No, not B105 or Hit 105 or whatever it's calling itself now. I'm talking about 4ZZZ! (How about those R'n'B Fridays though on Hit105?) We had our own festival for a while too. Remember Livid? Yep, there's a lot to love about Brisbane when it comes to its music. But there's nothing we love more than our favourite independent record store, Rocking Horse Records. 

In 2015, Rocking Horse is celebrating 40 years as Brisbane's definitive home of music. Warwick Vere has done an incredible job with his store since it opened in 1975. He's arguably been Brisbane's greatest supporter of local music, battled through the Joh Bjelke-Petersen years and survived the evolution of music consumerism into the digital age and current vinyl resurgence. When asked about Blondie's status as music icons, Debbie Harry once said, "I feel like if you stick around long enough you become an icon automatically." I think Debbie is just being a bit modest. It takes a lot of hard work to become an icon and that's exactly what Vere and his team over the years have put into Rocking Horse to make it the iconic establishment it is today. 

So if there's celebrations going on, where are they at? Future iconic Brisbane music venue, The Triffid will play host to a huge tribute to Rocking Horse on Sunday November 1. Joining the likes of The Cairos and Last Dinosaurs are faves like "90s queer folksters" ISIS, Midnight Oil's Rob Hirst and Crush 76's Sean Sennett and Blank Realm. Drinks will be flowing from The Triffid's beer garden from 2pm, with the main gig kicking off at 5:30pm. You'll want to get in quick to get your tickets, which you can purchase over at OzTix (full line-up details available too). 

What else can you do, Brisbane music lovers? Next time you head into JB to pick up a CD or think about downloading that hot new album on the iTunes, consider heading into the mall on Albert Street and making your music purchase from Rocking Horse Records instead. Support local. You know you want to. If you're totally lazy, you can buy from their online store too.

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