Saturday, 10 October 2015

Song Review - In New Light

In New Light 
by Patrick James
Album: Outlier (due October 16)

Well well well, isn't this nice? I can't decide if I'm sitting at a table, my supermodel body wearing some fabulous dress, looking at the ocean, a slight breeze blowing, enjoying a cool beverage, tapping my fingers to the sweet beats. Or wait, I'm in my expensive tinted window car, 80s style sunroof down, my beautiful shampoo commercial hair blowing as I drive, the highway ahead of me, humming along to some country style guitar chords and loving every second of it. I could of course be sitting on the porch of my Amercian style cottage by the river, not an annoying buzzing bug in sight, staring at the blue sky and spotting creatures in clouds as I hum with some beautiful harmonies floating about. Alternatively, I could be sitting in a corner of my house, in front of my laptop, wearing my slightly sweaty gym clothes, thinking about fries and listening this song called 'In New Light' by Patrick James and typing about it for this blog that I sometimes write on. You guess which one is reality. My life in my mind is so much more interesting than my actual life, but Mr James does a good job of letting me live it somewhere else for a few minutes. Waiting for October 16 to catch his album and see where else I can go. Or catching him when he plays with The Paper Kites nationally this month.
Jo Michelmore gives 'In New Light' three and a half boxes of fries out of five...

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