Thursday, 8 October 2015

Song Review - My Kingdom

My Kingdom
by Evangeline

I LOVE THIS. Ahem. I mean, yes, positive words about songs and sounds and things. That's what I'm meant to do on this blog thing, right? The thing is, sometimes I just hear songs that I really like and all I really have to say is I LOVE THIS SONG! I don't really wanna talk about the stop start chords and I don't want to have to think of words to describe the voice that captivates from the first second and I don't want to have to describe the way those beats kick in and make me turn around and question who this is and why I haven't heard it before now and the thing I really don't want to have to do is question the sounds of strings which make the whole thing even more dramatic than I thought it was going to be. They describe Evangeline as "Lorde meets Lana Del Rey" but in my opinion that's not really fair because this one made me press play twice which is more than any Lana track has ever made me do and although I don't mind Lorde, I'm not convinced being part of Ms Swift's extended 'squad' for a couple of days is a valuable life goal (oh Lorde how I hate the word 'squad', but that's a whole other song). Let's stop with all the words and get back to my original point. 'My Kingdom'. I LOVE THIS!
Jo Michelmore gives 'My Kingdom' four rose emojis out of five...

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