Monday, 12 October 2015

Video Review - Antisocialite

by Jim Lawrie

See of course I'm going to like this because A) the clip involves a whole bunch of vintage imagery of kids wearing things I wish I was alive to have worn when it was fashionable and doing things I wish I would have done should I have been alive in said vintage times (not that anyone should do those things, remember, drugs are bad kids) and it B) features a band I probably wish I was a member of and C) the song is called 'Anti-Socialite' which appeals to the 90s part of my personality that wishes at some point in my life I'd published a zine and screams "damn the man, man!" every time I drive past a McDonalds or drink a Diet Coke (which is probably more often than I'd like to generally admit) and D) it's by Jim Lawrie, who is a guy I may or may not have developed a minor obsession over in the past couple of years. Which brings me to the concept of 'Anti-Socialite' and blogging, because here is where I get to say "damn the man (or whoever commercial radio is playing at the moment), man" and write about things I like on a computer instead of a dodgy photocopied bit of paper I sell at the local independent bookstore. Ah, the 90s. Anyway, enough reminiscing, here's the hope that someone else likes the slightly country not even remotely 90s beats and hears the words of Jim Lawrie's voice and likes them, lots, like I do. Because essentially I'd have to say, there's nothing wrong with being antisocial sometimes Mr Lawrie. In fact, there's a part of my personaity that will always encourage it.
Jo Michelmore gives 'Anti-Socialite' three and a half beers out of five...

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