Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Top 115 Songs of 2015, Honourable Mentions

Lana Del Rey, Tame Impala, Rihanna and Taylor Swift!

It's the first day of December and that means it's time for us to kick off our annual Scene Awards month! Starting tomorrow we'll be looking at our official Top 115 Songs of 2015, but today there's a little preview of the goodness to come with ten songs that narrowly missed out on the list. After the songs of the year list is done, we'll move onto our awards for Video of the Year, Australian Artist of the Year, EP of the Year, Best New Artist, Group of the Year, Man of the Year, Woman of the Year and Album of the Year. It's a real 2015 lookie-backsie bonanza spectacular extravaganza.

But what happened this year in the world of music? The biggest news right now is all about Adele, isn't it? Smashing sales records, chart records, jar of tears collected from crying to sad music records. She's definitely made a huge impact as 2015 winds up. Florence + The Machine made a solid effort of playing every festival in the world, appearing everywhere and anywhere, as they pleased crowds all over with hits from their third album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. 'Hotline Bling' could have been the first US #1 single for Drake, but his best single to date was denied by the previously mentioned Adele. It did inspire countless memes and imitation clips of his spectacular dancing though. Ariana Grande continues to be a thing...

Of course, the best music came from where it always does. Australia. Duh. 2015 was a banner year for Australian music makers, with the emergence of acts like Tired Lion, Montaigne, Gang of Youths and Jack Colwell making us swoon, cry, laugh and love... sometimes all of those in the one song. Little May released their debut album For The Company, a triumph in every aspect. Jeremy Neale continued to be the coolest dude in Brisbane, nay, the world and Courtney Barnett flew the Australian flag proudly at home and abroad with the spectacular Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit. All of those named artists are simply scratching the surface in terms of who has released incredible music this year. I've got a feeling you'll be seeing them all throughout our songs of the year countdown though. Except for Ariana. Lol. The kids still say lol, right?

Below are the honourable mentions for the Top 115 Songs of 2015. Brilliant songs in their own right and really, if the honourable mentions are this good, just think of what's to come. Enjoy! 


by Banff

by The Belligerents

by Frolik

by Lana Del Rey 

by Lupa J

by Morgan Bain

by North Arm

by Rihanna

by Tame Impala

by Taylor Swift

The Top 115 Songs of 2015 countdown begins tomorrow!


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