Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Song Review - Do Rite With Me Tonite

by Babaganouj

Babaganouj. Nouj, nouj, nouj. You can't not love one of Brisbane's brightest up and coming bands. And why wouldn't you want to love them, you big 'ole jerk wonderful reader who we love? They've been getting better and better with each release over the past couple of years. Their first release of 2016 comes in the form of new single 'Do Rite With Me Tonite', a track that only further solidifies The 'Nouj as some of the finest pop writers in the country. Yes, yes... indie band is very indie. But with 'Bluff', 'Hit Song' and now 'Do Rite With Me Tonite' (from this point forward 'DRWMT') part of their discography, you can't argue that Charles Sale, Harriette Pilbeam and Ruby McGregor know a thing or two about crafting a catchy tune. And I think I'm right (or is it rite, don't no how to spellz anymore) when I list three members of the band these days. 

'Do Rite With Me Tonite' is much like the 90s-revivalist tracks that are becoming Babaganouj's trademark, with Sale and Pilbeam sharing vocal duties on a super sweet track that'll make you be like, "this is fucking cute", but you won't have to feel bad about it because there's guitars and stuff. Am I right fellas? Jokes, you're allowed to have feelings. This won't let you not have feelings. That's kinda becoming Babaganouj's staple too. Songs with that "classic" Brisbane sound that have just that little bit more depth. And like I've already covered, they're extremely catchy. Another winning number from The 'Nouj. Nouj, nouj, nouj. Give this song all of the plays and see Babaganouj on tour throughout Australia in March supporting Palms. 
Matt Bond gives 'Do Rite With Me Tonite' four  pizza emoji out of five. Because pizza is how you do right by ME tonight.

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