Thursday, 4 February 2016

Song Review - Talk Talk

Talk Talk
by Gideon Bensen
EP: Cold Cold Heart (due 12th February 2016)

There's this old saying that goes something along the lines of suggesting that you learn something new every day. If that’s the case, then today I learnt that Gideon Bensen is actually a member of The Preatures. Not sure how useful that information actually is, but it seems to be a fact people like to write about if all the things I've read about Gideon are any indication. More importantly, I learnt that he makes some pretty impressive sounds on his own, with the release of the second single from his upcoming EP Cold Cold Heart. While his first solo track, ‘All New Low’ took some not so subtle but very, very welcome hints from some of David Bowie’s work from the 70s, ‘Talk Talk’ seems to come from another decade, it’s synths and quick-fire beats resting nicely in a mid-80s sound. Dare I say it? Is that some kind of Billy Idol influence I hear in there somewhere? Whatever happened to Mr Idol? That's a question, answer and lesson for another day. Whoever Gideon's influences are, he seems to have a knack of picking up sounds and making them his own. The most important thing I learnt today is that 'Talk Talk' is as addictive as it is awesome.
Jo Michelmore gives 'Talk Talk' three and a half fries emoji out of five...

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