Thursday, 18 February 2016

Song Review - Turn Me On

Turn Me On
by Dinner
Album: Psychic Lovers (due April 1, 2016)

So I’ll be honest. The only reason I really looked twice at this song is because it’s by someone called Dinner. And today I missed breakfast, skipped lunch and only had time for a Mars bar and two coffees in the last 12 hours. They were big coffees. My eating habits are my own, stop judging me. The facts are, I’m hungry. Which is what bought me to a song called ‘Turn Me On’ by a guy from Denmark who google tells me lives in both Germany and the US, by a man named Anders Rhedin, who calls himself Dinner. Maybe it’s my lack of nutritious foods today, but that songs sounds like a giant lollipop and that clip looks so very tasty. So awfully simple but so awfully effective, the filmed on my Sony handicam vintage vibes make me wonder why VHS had to go away and the beats remind me of the way a lot of music worked in the early 80s, somehow equally depressive and danceable, like a good can of cold Tab. Ah, 80s beverages. Anyone under the age of 60 is going to need to google that to know what I'm talking about. While you're there, google "Dinner" and "dance music" and see if you can wade through the millions of results involving "dinner party music" to find this guy instead. It'll be worth the search I promise, you just might need a snack on the way.
Jo Michelmore gives 'Turn Me On" three emoji fries out of five....

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