Tuesday, 29 March 2016

It's My Kind of Interview - Machine Age

We've been keeping a close eye on Brisbane's Machine Age since we first heard his track 'Chivalry' last year. A very close eye. Not in a 'stalking' kind of way, because that is illegal, wrong and you have no proof... we just mean that we've wanted to hear more music from MA. And we got that in the form of recently released single 'Don't Look'. It's already one of our favourite tracks of 2016, so we were stoked to be able to ask Machine Age (aka Adrian Mauro) about the new song, stupid lock-out laws and more. Enjoy! 

Interview by Matt Bond

For our readers that aren't familiar with you, who exactly is Machine Age and how would you describe the music you make?

Machine Age: Machine Age is a game I like to play that has no rules. Anything goes. Electronic instruments, rock instruments, organic instruments built around songs that hopefully make you feel something.

We were very excited to hear your new track 'Don't Look'. It feels like a step in a more experimental direction from last year's 'Chivalry', but it still draws you in the same way with memorable lyrics and your performance. What's the story behind the song?

Machine Age: Musically it grew from a guitar synth loop that I came up with and used to jam as an instrumental at shows. Then I discovered an old acoustic voice memo on my phone that fit it perfectly. Ta dah!

You recently played a festival called PANAMA and we had the pleasure of seeing you live at last year's BIGSOUND in Brisbane. How have you found the reception to your live shows so far?

Machine Age: My live shows always seems to go down well, I work really hard to put on an interesting show sonically and visually, and weather it's ambient reflective moments or Heavy Industrial electro rock there always seems to be something for everyone.

Panama was an amazing experience, I got to play 2 quite diverse sets to an amazingly receptive crowd. On the Main Stage I did my usual Electro Rock show and I played a stripped back guitar and vocal set on one of the smaller stages. You don't often get to do that at Festivals.

You've been based in Brisbane for a bit now. Do you get a chance to get out and see much live music around town? And if you could recommend some Brisbane acts for people to check out, who would you pick?

Machine Age: I don't always get a free night to see a show, but I've played with so many great bands the past year that are doing really great stuff. Bands like Superfeather, Waax, Denpesar, Luke Jaaniste, Yucca, Furrs, O'Little Sister, and shameless plug for the other bands I play in Banff and Silent Feature Era.

What effects do you think the upcoming changes to the lockout laws will have to Brisbane's live music scene? 

Machine Age: Having played the Valley Crawl a few weeks back, I think it really showed how awesome Brisbane music fans are and I really hope people continue to support the Brisbane music scene until sanity eventually prevails and the Laws are revoked (which they inevitably will).

What is the best piece of career advice you've been given and if you had to impart some knowledge to up and coming artists that you've learned yourself, what would you say?

Machine Age: Do shit!

If you want to write songs.......write songs, If you want to play gigs.........Play gigs, If you want to record bands................record fucking bands!!

The more you actively participate in your future endeavours and stop sitting idle, the more it becomes your present.


The first album you ever bought was... 
Machine Age: One of those Hit Machine Compilations
The first gig you ever went to was... 
Machine Age: Matchbox 20 (Growing up in Cairns you took whatever U18 gig you could get)
A song you wish you wrote is... 
Machine Age: O Holy Night.......yes the Christmas Carol.
Your music guilty pleasures include... 
Machine Age: Lil Wayne and my parents' old Italian Pop records like Adrian Celentano
If you weren't making music you would be... 
Machine Age: Mowing Lawns

When they air the Machine Age 'Behind The Music' MTV Special thirty-six years from now, what will they say about you?

Machine Age: Before the Zombie Apocalypse occurred Adrian (better known as Zombie 6736598) used to be a musician called Machine Age.  

Big thanks to Machine Age for answering our questions. You can catch him in Brisbane on April 29 at The Foundry! 

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